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Complete the automatic repair of idler and roller. Ensure the coaxiality, uniform and beautiful forming, the penetration and width of fusion meet the process requirements, and the clamping is convenient. MIG welding process is adopted, and workpiece is clamped once. welding torch completes welding of multiple welds.

◎Welding torch fixed, workpiece rotating, welding position adjustable

◎The equipment can use one welding power supply to support two welding torch for switching welding. The welding torch is water-cooled

◎Workpiece is clamped and rotated by fixture

◎The special machine has the function of high voltage, slow wire feeding and arc striking to ensure the reliability of arc striking, as well as the function of low voltage, low current arc striking and filling arc crater

◎Adopt push wire feeding mode to ensure the stability of wire feeding

◎The welding torch can be adjusted along the longitudinal direction, which is suitable for multiple kinds of welding

◎PLC is used to control the operation of the whole machine, and AC variable frequency speed control is used for workpiece rotation, which is stepless and adjustable, so as to improve the reliability of the equipment

◎Welding form, welding specification can be preset, stored and transferred. It is convenient to change parameters and state transition through touch-screen human-machine interface

◎The welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and angle to meet the welding requirements

【Main parameters】

Rotation speed0.1-2r.p.m  Stepless Adjustable
Motor power0.75KW
Compressed air0.4-0.6MPa
Torch Lifting distance100mm
Torch Left and right distance100mm
Torch Dip angle25°~60°
Welding voltage15-36V,Stepless Adjustable
Welding current50-500A,60% Duty cycle rate
Welding wire diameterφ0.8-1.6mm
C02 consumption15L/min
Electricity voltage3 phrase 380V±15%
Welding piece

Length: 100-500mm

Diameter: φ150-300mm

Welding torch pneumatic feeding value150mm
Welding torch oscillating scope adjustment0~60mm
Welding torch oscillating frequency range0~40 times/minute
Staying time of welding torch at both sides0~10 s
Staying time of welding torch in the middle0~10 s
Welding torch each lifting value0~10mm
Welding torch automatic lifting layerLevel 0~ 12

【Equipment composition】

The machine is composed of electric deceleration power head, clamp and conductive mechanism, angle adjusting mechanism, welding torch clamping, adjusting and swinging lifting mechanism, welding torch forward and backward mechanism, welding torch lifting mechanism, tailstock manual tightening mechanism, adjustable feeding bracket, electrical control system, welding power supply and pneumatic system.

1.Machine Body and angle adjusting mechanism

The machine is composed of base and column. The base and column are welded. In front of the column, there is an inner hole on the end face. The power head of the angle is installed. It is driven by the AC servo motor. It is decelerated by the reducer and driven by the main shaft chamber to realize the change of C-frame at ± 45°

2.Rotating spindle power head

It is composed of AC variable frequency motor, reducer, workpiece clamp and conductive sleeve. AC frequency converter is used to adjust the speed of AC frequency converter motor. The conductive sleeve is in the form of elastic copper sleeve, which is elastically connected with the main shaft, filled with conductive oil, wear-resistant and conductive. Workpiece chuck adjustable, manual clamping workpiece for rotary welding.

3.Tailstock manual locking

The workpiece is tightened by hand to the tailstock center and firmly fixed on the chuck to ensure the coaxiality of the workpiece and the spindle is consistent.

4.Welding torch combination

◎Integral advance and retreat mechanism of air cylinder

The welding torch moves forward and backward driven by the cylinder to realize the conversion between preparation and welding stations. The welding torch adopts push wire mode to ensure stable wire feeding. welding torch can be used for up and down, left and right and angle fine adjustment

◎Oscillating lifting device

The oscillating lifting mechanism is composed of stepping motor drive, ball screw and linear guide rail. Adopt fully closed mechanism to prevent dust and welding spatter from falling. The numerical control system controls the time, distance and times of automatic swing and lifting of welding torch in the welding process

◎Fine tuning mechanism

The fine adjustment of welding torch adopts dovetail form and screw rod adjustment, with accurate adjustment and high positioning accuracy, which can be tightened after adjustment

◎Fast lifting mechanism of welding torch

Driven by air cylinder and guided by slide block, it can quickly lift and align welds