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Design Mission

Hydraulic cylinder automatic welding machine should meet the automatic welding ofcylinder-tubes, piston rod with eye and end caps.

Hydraulic cylinder length: 1000-5000mm

Hydraulic cylinder diameter: 50-300 mm

Make sure that welding specification is uniform, with good and smooth seam appearance. Convenient and reliable to operate.

MAG welding with wire feeder.

Welding process will be continual and steady.

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Technical Parameter
X axis(welding head) moving distance 2000mm
Applicable cylinder length Max 2000mm
Applicable diameter Max 200mm
Cylinder fixture 1set
Rotation speed 5rpm, stepless adjustment
Program control 5 axis teach pendant
Welding power source Japan OTC EP500
Machine working voltage 380v 3phase 50hz for welding power source 220v single phase 50hz for main machine
Welding Specification and Basic Feature





The workpiece rotates, welding torch moves up-down, side to side and angled turn to cooperate with workpiece.It can be achieved 5axis synchronizing interpolated motion.






Welding head has oscillating function, to get wider welding seam.

The oscillating mechanism consists of stepper motor, ball screw and linear guide,etc. Fully-enclosed mechanism to prevent dust and welding splashes from falling in the machin




Adopt CNC system, control 5-dimensions action: rotation, welding torch up-down, forward and backward, left&right and turning angle. Walking out of the welding path, to achieve the normal welding of U-shaped seam when the arc is burning continuously.

The rotation speed of rotation axis is based on the rotary position of workpiece, to guarantee the consistency of welding linear speed.



n the rotation process of workpiece, the distance between welding torch and workpiece is not changed, the included angle is changed between 0°- 90°.

Using PLC and 5 axis CNC control system to realize the above process, improve the reliability.Rotary closed-loop encoder will detect welding length. Integrated control panel box, control button, welding specification are in a concentrated panel, easy to use and operate.




Japan OTC EP-500 (rated output current is 500A) with pulse function. Ithas good arc igniting, arc stabilizing and arc ending performance, to make sure uniform and even welding seam.

The welding torch adopts a push type wire feeding mode, to ensure stable wire feeding.





Panasonic A/C servo motors are used to control the rotation of rotary axis, welding torch up-down, forward and backward, left&right and turning angle.




Welding seam appearance is good and smooth, the depth of fusion and width of fusion meet the welding requirement, leakage rate is less than 1%.

Equipment has good operating performance and low failure rate.

Machine can weld in a straight flat line. One of 5 axes can move forward and backward. Other exes will not move.

5axis Machine Composition

Equipment is composed of machine body, rotary axis power mechanism, welding torch up&down, right&left and turning angle movement mechanism, welding torch clamping&adjustment mechanism, CNC control system, electrical control system and welding power source, etc.

Machine body

It consists of machine base, gantry beam and sliding door. The base adopts plane processing and installs rail. Power head is installed in left side of rail, pneumatic tail-stock is installed in right side of rail.

It consists of machine base, gantry beam and sliding door. The base adopts plane processing and installs rail. Power head is installed in left side of rail, pneumatic tail-stock is installed in right side of rail.

Pneumatic tail-stock can be adjusted along, the distance is changeable, to meet welding requirement of different varieties, it can be locked after adjustment.

The mechanisms of welding torch up&down, side to side and angled turn are mounted on the rail, it can be adjusted along with rail, the distance is adjustable, it can be locked after adjustment.

In the middle of machine body is mounted with pneumatic loading and unloading mechanism. In the right posterior side is electric control cabinet, control button station is mounted In the right anterior, easy to operate and maintain.

There is a inspection window on the sliding Welding process can be observed in the mirror.

Rotation axis power mechanism

It consists of high-power AC servo motor, reducer, conductive sleeve, fixture and other components. The rotary axis speed varies with the workpiece rotation position.

CNC Control System

It has five dimensions, respectively control the rotation of rotary axis, welding torch up and down, forward and backward, left&right and angled turn movement. It is composed of CNC control system, high-power AC servo motor and motor driver.

Welding Torch Angled Turn Device

Welding machine has a wider adaptability through the automatic transformation  angle of the welding torch in the welding process. The welding torch adopts digital control technology, the angle and position of transformation can be controlled by the CNC control system.

Electrical System

Using OMRON PLC as control core, control the implementation of the welding program. Stable system, simple structure and easy maintenance.

Equipment Configuration Table
NoName and ModelQuantity

Welding power source: Japan OTC EP500 with pulse

1 set


5axis welding machine

1 set


500A MIG water cooling welding torch

1 set


Electrical automatic control cabinet

1 set


Operating control box

1 set


Welding torch 5-axis CNC actuator

1 set


Wire-feeding and machine head adjustment mechanism

1 set


Cable and connector

1 set


Welding machine operating control programme

1 set


Cylinder fixture

1 set

Service Support

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