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  1. ◎workpiece is the excavator track idler. External diameter of workpiece is Φ814.8 , the external diameter of plate is Φ460, internal diameter of plate is Φ160, the height of workpiece is 266.7 mm.

    ◎The material of rim is 35#, quenching and high temperature tempering(HB167-235). The appearance and size must meet the requirement, not allowed to have undercut, welding tumor, arc crater, burn through, collapse, surface pores, surface cracks and other defects in the appearance. The interior of welding seam should not have the defects of slag inclusion, air hole, non-through welding, non-fusion and internal cracks.

    ◎Complete the automatic welding requirements for the assembly of track idler. The workpiece needs spot welding in advance. It needs stable and continuous welding process , convenient clamping and loading.

    ◎Double station, welding at the same time.

    ◎Welding torch is fixed while the workpiece is rotating. Welding  position is horizontal.

    ◎Workpiece is pneumatically clamped and will rotate simultaneously, to guarantee that the seam position does not deviate.

    ◎Machine has high voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting. Machine also has low welding voltage and low current for filling crater.

    ◎Pneumatic loading and unloading mode. The process of welding is finished automatically. Reduce the labor intensity of workers.

    ◎It adopts push-type wire feeding mode, to guarantee feeding stability.

    ◎The chuck in the both side can be adjusted longitudinally, which  suits to various welding type.

    ◎The workpiece is positioned by central hole, tighten it pneumatically.

    ◎PLC is used to control the whole machine operation, the rotation speed of the workpiece is controlled by AC frequency regulator, stepless adjustment, improve the reliability of machine.

    ◎The welding mode and welding specification can be preset, saved and recalled. Via ouch man-machine interface, the parameter modification and status alternation can be done conveniently.

    ◎Two welding torches are separately positioned by CNC. It can move up and down, left and right and angled turn, to reach welding requirement.

【Main parameters】

Rotation speed0.2-2r.p.m  Stepless Adjustable
Motor power1.5KW
Compressed air0.4-0.6MPa
Torch Lifting distance100mm
Torch Left and right distance100mm
Torch Dip angle25°~60°
Welding voltage15-36V,Stepless Adjustable
Welding current50-500A,60% Duty cycle rate
Welding wire diameter1.0-1.2mm
C02 consumption15L/min
Electricity voltage3 phrase 380V±15%
Welding length adjusting range

Device for setting different level for it,

precision is 1/900 circumference.

Welding torch pneumatic feeding value100mm
Welding torch oscillating scope adjustment0~60mm
Welding torch oscillating frequency range

0~20 times/minute

Staying time of welding torch at both sides0~10 s
Staying time of welding torch in the middle0~10 s
Welding torch each lifting value0~10mm
Welding torch automatic lifting layerLevel 0~ 6
  1. The machine consists of motor-driven reducing speed power head, fixture, conductive system, pneumatic loading and unloading system, turnover mechanism, welding torch CNC positioning mechanism, welding torch clamping&adjusting&oscillating mechanism, electrical control system, welding power source and pneumatic system.

    1.Machine Body

    The machine body is composed of base, left and right side seat, gantry beam and other components. Base is welded by square tube and steel plate. After plane processing and stress relief treatment, base is used as installed datum plan, rails are fixed on the base. The power head and pneumatic chuck are installed on the sliding plate. Turnover mechanisms are installed in the left and right side seat. The distance of turnover mechanisms is adjustable, to meet different welding requirement. Gantry beam is welded by square tube and steel plate. After plane processing, rails are fixed on the base. Welding torch CNC positioning mechanism, welding torch clamping& adjusting&oscillating mechanism are mounted on the rail of gantry beam, and adjustable along with the rail. Pneumatic loading and unloading mechanism is mounted on the periphery of pneumatic chuck. Electric control cabinet is on the right lateral side, control button station is mounted on the right anterior, easy to operate and maintain.

    2.Rotation Power Head

    It is composed of pneumatic clamping chuck positioning mechanism and rotary head. Rotation head consists of AC frequency motor, reducer, fixture and conductive sleeve, etc. The rotation speed is adjusted by controlling inverter to adjust motor speed. Reducer with two-grade worm and gear, aluminum shell, the high output torque, easy installation and maintenance. Conductive sleeve adopts copper sleeve. Conductive oil is poured between copper sleeve and rotation axis, abrasion resistant and good electrical conductivity. Pneumatic chuck can fix and position workpiece automatically, so as to save man power and improve the efficiency.

    3.Turnover Mechanism

    It consists of AC servo motor, reducer, gear pair and others components. The turn over position can be set optically.

    4.Torch Up and Down, Forward and Backward Moving Mechanism

    The motor-driven part consists of AC servo motor, linear rail pair, ball screw and other components. High torque servo motor drives ball screw to move the welding machine head. CNC system controls servo motor to realize automatic positioning of welding torch. Rail use fully-enclosed type structure.

    5.Torch Clamping&Adjustment&Pneumatic Lifting Mechanism

    It adopts push-type wire feeding mode, to guarantee feeding stability. Welding torch can be adjusted up – down, left -right and angled turn. The fine adjustment of torch uses swallow tail shape and adopts ball screw adjustment, with high accurate adjustment and high positioning accuracy. The oscillating mechanism consists of stepper motor, ball screw, linear guide rail, etc. It adopts closed type structure, shielding the process from dust and spatters. Torch oscillating frequency, oscillating scope, oscillating time, torch lifting time, lifting distance, lifting numbers can be controlled by CNC system.