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Automatic welding Machine Features

1.Automatic weld the circular seam of the round nozzle one the flat tank body (not include the nozzle at the corner)


2.The welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right and angle at a certain angle, the workpiece is fixed, and the welding torch rotates to weld.


3.The workpiece is positioned at the center by the tooling jig to ensure that the welding seam position does not shift, and there is no need for spot welding in advance.


4.The special machine has the function of high voltage, slow wire feeding and arc starting to ensure reliable arc starting. The function of closing the arc with small current and filling the crater.


5.Use Japan OMRON PLC to control and achieve the welding process, improve reliability.controls the whole machine operation. stable control and stable programming interface.


6.Welding torch can adjust Three-dimensional direction to suitable different size workpiece. it can be locked after adjustment.Machine has good operating performance and low failure rate.


7 Integrated control panel box. The control buttons, touch screen, welding specification control, etc. are concentrated on one panel, which is easy to use and operate.

Basic control functions of control panel

1.Control the rotating axis rotating speed ,up and down


2.Control Welding start and stop


3.Control wire feeding


4.Welding/simulation function


5.Program storage, modification and recall function


6.Reset the machine


7.The welding length adopts the closed-loop detection of rotary encoder, and the position detection such as: the torch position is detected by imported non-contact switch.

Working Procedures

1.Loading the fuel tank and nozzle on tooling jig of the support axis manually


2.Rotation axis move down to fix fuel tank and nozzle automatically

3. Welding torch go down automatically and Supplying shielding gas automatically


4. Automatic weld seam as the program automatically

5.Welding torch lifting up and go back to the original point automatically


6. Release Fuel tank from positioning tooling jig manually


Technology specification
No. Item Specification
1 Applicable workpiece Size range Thickness ≥0.8mm,Length range : max 3000 mm,nozzle diameter max 110mm  ,height max 100mm or other size as need
2 Material Carbon steel ,stainless steel ,aluminum ,cooper or other metal .
3 Rotation speed 0.5-8r.p.m,stepless adjustable
4 Motor power Panasonic servo motor
5 Air pressure 0.4-0.8MPA
6 Welding voltage range 15-36V,stepless adjustable
7 Shielding gas consumption 15L-20L/min
8 Welding power source We usually use MILLER,LINCOLN or FRONIUS or KEMPPI or Japan OTC or China AOTAI,customer can name the welding power source brand.
9 Welding method TIG or MIG
10 Machine working voltage 380v 3phase 50hz for welding power source 230v 1phase 50hz for machine body
11 Cooling method Air cooling or water cooling as different welding method.
Optional device : Automatic feeding bracket

1 Most used in the heavy tank, Prevent the tank from being deformed and reduce the load of the support core axis ,and help users to load on and load off cylinder


2 is installed and fixed under the workbench , and the height can be adjusted to meet the different size tank .


3 First floor:use handle to control the hydraulic cylinder to lift or down. and Push in and pull out on the guide rail


4 Second floor: the support bracket surface equipped with roller to adjust cylinder,use pneumatic vale to control the roller lit and down