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Shaft wings straight seam welding machine

1.Automatically SAW/MIG/TIG weld the longitudinal seam between the wings and shaft,can weld 3 or 4 pr 6pieces wings or more wings on shaft as need.

2.the striaght sema welding machine is Produced as the length range and diameter range of shafts ,size range of wings  .if the bigger size weldment ,then the bigger size automatic welding  machine and higher price .

3.The automatic arc seam welder can equipped with 1 set welding torch or 2 sets welding torch as need ,two set welding torch can weld at same time or weld alone as need,after finish one wings ,the head stock chuck drive the shaft rotating at any speed ,rotating speed can adjust stepless.

4.Use Japan OMRON PLC and CNC system to control and achieve the welding process, improve reliability.controls the whole machine operation.automatic welding torch lifting height for welding different layers ,all these can be programmed and controlled via PLC and 4 Axis CNC system. which has the characteristics of stable control and stable programming interface.Welding current and welding voltage are controlled by D/A (digital analog). They can be preset and recalled in layer.

5.During the welding,the workpiece is fixed ,and the welding torch is move longitudinal as the seam position.when weld one side of one wing ,continue weld the opposite the wings until finish all the longitudinal seam,this welding sequence is to reduce the deformation of the workpiece.

6.Welding process will be continual and steady. Welding seam appearance is good and smooth, the depth of fusion and width of fusion meet the welding requirement, leakage rate is less than 1%

7.Adopt heavy duty welded machine body, Workpiece is positioned by chuck and pressed by pneumatic Moths Morse taper,Rotating synchronously.convenient and quick for centering, good concentricity, and small deformation.

8.Welding torch can do minute adjustment from Three-dimensional direction to get the best welding position. it can be locked after adjustment.Machine has good operating performance and low failure rate.

9.If you have any questions ,welcome to inquiry me ,then we can answer you in time 


Technical Parameters


Carbon steel ,stainless steel ,cooper ,aluminum or other metal


Applicable Workpiece size range

As cuctomers drawing


Chuck Rotation speed

stepless adjustable as need,servo motor drive


Travel range of welding head (X-Axis – left /right)

As wings max length


Range of X axis speed

1000~5000mm/min, stepless adjustable


Travel range of Y axis (Up/down)

customized as the workpieces size range 


Range of Y axis speed

1000mm/min, stepless adjustable


Travel range of Z axis (forward/backward)

Half of whole diameter of shaft and wings.


Range of Z axis speed

1000mm/min, stepless adjustable


Minute adjustment mechanism from Three-dimensional direction (left/right,forward/backward,up/down)



Welding power source

Miller or lincoln or fronius or Kemppi or Japan OTC or China Aotai or other brand as customer need.


Machine working voltage

380v ±10%   for welding power supply

220V±10%  1phase  for welding machine bed


Compressed air pressure