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Overview of Scaffolding Jack Base Automatic Welding Machine
  1. The seam welder automatic MAG/ CO2 weld the circular seambetween the scaffolding pipe with sleeve ,scaffolding pipe with base plate

2.Welding process will be continual and steady. Machine will stop automatically when the welding is finished.

3.During the welding ,welding torch is fixed, while the work-piece is rotate

5.Use Japan OMRON PLC to control and achieve the welding process, improve reliability.controls the whole machine operation. stable control and stable programming interface.

  1. 6. MCGS Touch screen as the input and output interface.The welding mode and welding specification can be preset, saved and re viaMCGStouch screen, it is convenient to modify the parameter and switch the status through the man-machine touch screen.

7.Welding process will be continual and steady. Welding seam appearance is good and smooth, the depth of fusion and width of fusion meet the welding requirement, leakage rate is less than 1%

8.The welding mode and specification can be preset, saved and recalled via touch screen. it is convenient to modify parameter and switch the status. Welding length, arc igniting, arc ending time.

9.You can do simulation welding process through the touch screen to see the welding process ,then adjust the welding parameters to the suitable value before start the real welding ..

  1. Main connect of the program: Welding parameter, Welding monitor, Fault detection, Maintenance, I/O monitor, Contact Us, Company introduction
Machine Configuration

This machine is made up of mainframe,head stock with tooling jig, tailstock with Morse taper and its pneumatic feeding mechanism, workpiece supporting bracket, welding torch adjusting mechanism, electrical control system, pneumatic system and welding power source.


No.Item Specification
1Workpiece Size range

Pipe :Diameter:48~60 mm

Scaffolding inner/outer pipe length range :max 2200mm

Square base:max 120*120 mm

2Material and thickness

Carbon steel

Pipe thickness 1.5~2mm,

square base thickness 4mm

3Welding speed450-600mm/min ,can adjust as need
4Welding typeMAG/CO2
5Air pressure0.4-0.8MPA
6Inclination angle of welding torch0~60degree
7Welding power source

China AOTAI NBC-350 or Japan OTC CPVE400 as your choice


Diameter of solid wire

1.0mm & 1.2mm


Machine working voltage

380v ±10%  50hz for welding power supply

220V±10%  1phase 50hz for welding machine body


Control system

Japan Omron PLC and touch screen


Cooling method

Air cooling







Machine base is welded with heavy duty square tubes and steel plates, it should use the heavy duty steel to keep the Intensity and straight line level during the welding.


Tail-stock can move left and right on the guide rail to clamp different length workpiece, it can be locked after adjustment.