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Roller Bracket Circumferential Seam Welder
Automatic seam welder application and features

1.Automatically MIG/MAG welding circular seam on roller bracket end flange


2.Double welding head is equipped with two welding torches,can weld at same time or individually


3.Weld depth of fusion and width of fusion meet the requirements. It is convenient to clamp workpiece. Machine can work continuously for 24-hour.


4.PLC control automatic seam welder weld the roller pipe flange,users use torch screen and control panel to control the movement


5.Machine is composed of machine body, rotary axis power mechanism, welding power source, electric deceleration power head,fixture and conductive mechanism, welding torch clamping, adjustment and oscillating mechanism, adjustable workpiece supporting bracket, electrical control system.

Welding Machine Parameters
No. Item Specification
1 Rotary axis rotation speed 0.1-1R/MIN  stepless adjustment
2 Welding current 30~500A .There are different duty cycle rates according to different brands and models of welding power sources used by customers.
3 Welding voltage 16-40V
4 Welding torch adjustment lifting distance: 50mm
left-right distance: 50mm
torch dip angle: right&left: 0°- 60°; forth&back: 0°- 20°
5 Total power of machine (exclude welding power source) 7KW
6 Welding torch oscillating scope adjustment: 0-40mm
7 Welding torch oscillating frequency range 0-30 times/min
8 Welding Torch standing time on both sides 0-10 second
9 Welding torch standing time in the middle 0-10 second
10 Welding torch pneumatic feeding value 200mm
11 Applicable workpiece length Max2000mm or design as the size range of customers’ weldment
12 Applicable workpiece diameter Max 650mm or design as the size range of customers’ weldment
13 Automatic welding machine Payload 1000 KG
14 The coaxiality of chuck and centre +/-0.15mm