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Completes the automatic welding of the hub ring seam. The workpiece does not need to be fixed in advance, and the welding process is required to be stable and continuous, the molding is uniform and beautiful, the penetration depth and the melting width reach the process requirements, and the clamping is convenient.     

◎Torch fixed, workpiece rotation, welding position level

◎The workpiece rotates synchronously by hydraulic clamping to ensure that the position of weld seam does not deviate

◎machine has high voltage, slow wire feeding arc initiation function, which guarantees reliable arc initiation, low voltage, low current arc closure and filling arc pit function.

◎Pneumatic loading and unloading is adopted. Welding process is accomplished automatically, to reduce labor intensity

◎Pushing wire feeding method is adopted to ensure wire feeding stability

◎Using central hole positioning, pneumatic tightening

◎PLC is used to control the whole machine running, AC frequency conversion speed regulation is used to rotate the workpiece, stepless adjust is adopted to improve the reliability of the equipment.

◎Welding form, welding specification can be preset, stored and invoked. The parameters and state transition can be easily changed by touching man-machine interface.

◎Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and angle to meet welding requirements.

【Main parameters】

Rotation speed0-3r.p.m  Stepless Adjustable
Motor power0.75KW
Compressed air0.4-0.6MPa
The adjusting capacity of welding torch 
Lifting adjustment100mm
Left and right adjustment100mm
Dip angle25°~60°
Welding specifation 
Welding voltage15-36V,Stepless Adjustable
Welding current15-36V,Stepless Adjustable
Welding current50-500A,60% Duty cycle rate
Welding wire diameterΦ0.8–Φ1.6MM
C02 Consumption15L/MIN
Electricity voltage3 phrase3 phrase 380V±15%
Welding Length Adjusting Rangedevice for setting different level for it, precision is 1/900 circumference.
Welding Torch Feeding100MM
Capacity0~10 s
Welding torch each lifting value1 piece/3 minutes
Welding Torch Amplitude0~60mm
Welding Torch Amplitude Frequency0~20 times/minute
Staying time of welding torch at both sides0~10 s
Staying time of welding torch in the middle0~10 s
The quantity for increasing welding torch height every level0~10mm
The automatic height improving levelLevel 0~ 6
work-piece length≤500mm
Work-piece diameter0mm–500mmm

【Equipment composition】

The equipment consists of closed body, rotation axis power mechanism, workpiece support positioning and flipping unloading mechanism, workpiece preheating mechanism, welding torch oscillating and lifting,  welding torch and adjustment mechanism, electrical control system, welding power source, fixture, and hydraulic system.

1.Machine Body

The body is made of welded structure and the whole body is heated and tempered to ensure the elimination of welding stress. The pneumatic top is tightened, and the double rotation axis cabinets advance and retreat synchronously. The beam is placed with a welding torch oscillating, lifting and adjusting mechanism.

2.Rotation axis box

The driven and driven rotation axis cabinets are welded and the whole is heated and tempered to ensure the elimination of welding stress. The drive rotation axis cabinet is composed of AC motor, two-stage reduction gear, workpiece fixture and electric conduction. The speed adjustment is realized by AC converter adjusting AC motor. The welding length detecting system and the conductive mechanism are composed. The reducer is equipped with a photoelectric counter for precise control of the angle of rotation (accuracy of 1/1200 circumference).

The workpiece is automatically clamped, the workpiece is placed on the V-shaped bracket, and the rotation axis frame is clamped by both sides of the workpiece by a self-centering mechanism to ensure the correct position of the weld of the workpiece.

3.Automatic loading mechanism

The automatic feeding mechanism of the workpiece can be connected with the machine, and the height can be adjusted. There are height difference between the front and the rear. The guide rod of the workpiece can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece, and the guide rail is arranged at the bottom. It ensures smooth rolling of the workpiece before and after, and the front end is provided with a positioning stop to ensure the work of the workpiece and the preliminary conversion.

4.Pneumatic flip support mechanism

vertical distance can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece, guided by the guide column, and the ball screw can be adjusted up and down and locked. Flip mechanism, single-sided hinged shaft, pneumatic automatic flip, unloading. The lowering frame is a tilting frame for the lower material, connecting the V-shaped inversion and the workpiece storage area.

5.Welding torch fixture, adjusting and oscillating and lifting Mechanism and quick torch switching mechanism

Welding torch travels up and down by pneumatic adjusted finely on the direction of up-dowcylinder to change position between pre-heat and welding. The welding torch uses pushing way to make wire feed which can make feed stable. The welding torch can be n, left-right and angle. The fine adjustment of welding torch is done by dovetail type, but adjustment is done by screw to adjust position definitely and in precise, after adjustment, it can be fixed. Oscillating and elevating structure is composed of stepping motor, ball screws and straight guide etc. The machine is closed totally to prevent dirt and welding drum to go inside. It controls oscillating frequency, oscillating range, time, and welding torch elevating time, distance and times etc.

6.Workpiece preheating welding switching mechanism.

A wire gauge is installed on the beam frame, and the preheating and welding assembly is mounted on the sliding bracket, and the workpiece is preheated and the welding is quickly switched by the cylinder.

Before the butt welding of the left and right half of the roller, the workpiece needs to be preheated, and the acetylene baking torch heating mechanism is used. The baking torch is automatically ignited, and the position of the welding seam is heated to automatically extinguish the heating time. The heating time can be conveniently set through the man-machine interface with modifications.

7.Work chamber

The welding workshop adopts closed structure, and a liftable arc-proof door is provided at the front and the back for easy installation and disassembly of the workpiece. A door is left on each of the left and right sides and behind to facilitate equipment maintenance.