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Rear Axle Straight Seam CNC Welding Machine
Rear axle automatic CNC welder application and features

1.Automatically MIG/MAG welding4 pieces longitudinal seams of Rear axle


2.During the arc welding ,Axle housing is fixed, welding position is horizontal. Double welding torch MIG /MAG linear move according to the position of the straight seam


3.AC servo motors separately drive left and right heads to synchronously transverse move. The speed of two torches can be adjusted separately.


4.Axle housing is clamped and positioned by fixture,turned 180°to weld the opposite side.


5.Using Japan OMRON PLC and .CNC system controls torch right&left movement and forward&backward movement.In the case of continuous arc ignition, machine will weld triangle welding seams normally. improve the reliability of equipment.


6.Using the man-machine interface to modify parameter. During welding process, welding speed, welding length, arc igniting dwell time and welding position can be set through man-machine interface. The parameters can be stored and recalled.


7.Automatic welding machine can get the uniform surface and good appearance. To make sure that welding specification is even and uniform. It is convenient and reliable to use the machine. Welding quality meets the requirements.


8.The machine is composed of main frame, welding head, head longitudinal driving move mechanism, head horizontal driving move mechanism, head up and down driving move mechanism, turning device, electric control system and welding power source.

Technical Parameter
No. Item Specification
1 Welding torch moving speed 0.1-20m/min Stepless adjustment
2 Welding torch horizontal moving length Design as the longitudinal seam length
3 Welding torch forward&backward moving length 300mm
4 Welding torch up&down moving length 200mm
5 Welding torch up&down adjustment distance 100mm
6 Welding torch forward&backward adjustment distance 100mm
7 Welding voltage 16-50V
8 Welding current 50-400A