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It is mainly used to automatically weld angle shape circular seam of various hard tube. Make sure the welding specification is uniform, good appearance. It is easy to operate, reliable. Reach to the welding requirement.

1.Workpiece is fixed, welding torch rotates, angle shape welding position.

2.Workpiece is positioned by central flange, clamped pneumatically.

3.Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, side to side , to meet various welding requirement.

4.OMRON CPM-30CDR PLC, workpiece rotation speed is adjusted by Panasonic 0.375KW AC frequency inverter, stepless adjustment, to improve reliability.

5.Applicable to automatically weld pipe and angle shape flange, high welding seam quality, good and even form .100% superposition of welding seam, high automatic level.

6.Adopt Panasonic YM-350GL pulse digital welding power source, guarantee reliability of equipment.

7.It can accomplish the motion of automatic clamp, automatically approaching and keeping away from workepiece . Convenient and quick positioning, high  precision.

8.Without any tangling of water pipes, electric wires, air tubes and cables. Guarantee the good condition of pipe line in the continuous work situation and reduce the failure rate.

9.Stepless adjustment can be reached in the rotation speed range .

10.Using Taiwan Weilun touch screen, intuitive programming interface. Don’t need professional operator.

11.In the welding process, welding specification and parameter can be changed and controlled at any time, to meet some special requirements.

12.Easy to change welding programme, with sufficient storage space to save all kinds of technical parameter.

13.The error code can be displayed.

14.Good appearance and form, depth and width of fusion reach to requirement.

15.Good working performance, low failure rate.

【Main parameters】

rotation speed1-8r.p.m stepless adjustment
motor power1.5KW
air compressor0.4~0.6MPA
Welding Torch Adjustment 
Dip angle25°~60°
Welding specificationΦ0.8–Φ1.6mm
Welding voltage15-36V, stepless adjustment
Welding current50-500A, 60%  duty cycle
Welding wireΦ0.8–Φ1.6mm
Machine input voltage3phases 380V±15%
applicable workpiece diameter16-48 mm
straight part≥100 mm
horizontal part≥400 mm

【Equipment composition】

1.Machine Body

Consist of base and stand column. Positioning fixture and column are fixed in the base. The horizontal plate of base is used as installed datum plan, pneumatic clamped mechanism is installed in the column.

2.Welding Torch Rotation Mechanism.

It is composed of AC frequency motor, reducer and welding torch clamping  mechanism. The rotation speed is adjusted by controlling driver to adjust motor speed. Reducer with worm and gear reducer, aluminum shell, the high output torque, easy installation and maintenance. Rotation head is configured with air and electric distributing ring, lead shielding gas and welding current to welding torch. Welding torch can rotate continuously, without tangling of air tubes. Wire feeder is placed in the base, safe and reliable. There are two doors in the left and right sides of base. Easy to maintain and change the welding wire disk.

3.Torch Clamping & Adjustment Mechanism

It adopts push-type wire feeding mode, to guarantee feeding stability. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right, or angle turn. The fine adjustment of torch uses the combination of ball screw and guide post, with high accurate adjustment and positioning. It can be locked after adjusting. Whole regulation can satisfy any angle welding, to conform the need of workpiece.

4.Workpiece Clamping and Adjustment Mechanism

Workpiece adopts v-shape symmetrical clamping type, synchronous adjustment by positive and negative rack and pinion. Driven by air cylinder, reach the function of automatically determining the center position. It is convenient and flexible to clamp workpiece. Clamping fixture locates in the outrigger, outrigger can be adjusted forword&backword, left&right. It is convenient to adjust the clamping center of workpiece.Additionally, machine has assistant fixture suits to different oil pipes which can not use V-shape fixture.