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I Application and features

1.Automatic submerged arc welding the cylinder valve seat on cylinder head

2.Easy to operate ,to ensure concentration, uniform forming, good appearance, weld penetration

3.Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right, dip angle, in order to meet the welding requirements.

4.Welding torch can be adjustable. While machine is working,the valve seat is fixed on cylinder head, welding torch rotate to weld the round joint seam

5.Japan OMRON PLC control the welding process ,and users change the welding parameters via the touch screen.

II Machine composition

Automatic saw machine is composed of main frame, spindle rotating mechanism, clamping and conductive mechanism, welding torch clamping and pneumatic driving and reversing mechanism, electrical control system, pneumatic system and welding power source

1.Machine body

Welded machine body; annealing heat treatment after welding. On the top surface, installed vertical beam, main spindle frame

2.Spindle rotating mechanism

Driven by AC motor, turbine worm reducer then through a gear reducer, drive the work piece rotating

The working table is provided with a positioning rabbet, rotary positioning accuracy; equipped with a special conductive device, capable of replacing, and good safety

3.Welding torch clamping and pneumatic driving and reversing mechanism

The welding torch is driven by the air cylinder to move up and down, realize preparation and welding station conversion; the torch can be up and down and angle adjustment, after regulation can be fixed

4.Electrical system

Machine adopts AC frequency control; the system has good stability, simple structure, convenient maintenance;

The integrated control panel box, button control, convenient use and operation