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I Application and features

1.LPG LPG Cylinder Automatic welder automatic MIG/MAG welding the stitch seam between the cylinder head with collar,cylinder bottom with base.

2.The welding torch adjusting mechanism can move left and right on the beam ,and tail stock can move left or right on the machine base,to meet different size cylinder head or cylinder bottom.

3.After adjust the welding torch on suitable welding position,then fix the welding torch is fixed; the cylinder rotating drive by head stock servo motor, welding position is horizontal.

4.The welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right, dip angle, in order to meet the different size cylinder welding requirements.

5.PLC control the machine to finish the welding process as program ,easy to control ,get good welding performance .

No.Item Specification
1Applicable Welding cylinder diameter200-750mm or other size range as customers drawing
2Applicable Welding cylinder length200-600mm or other size range as customers drawing
3Cylinder Rotation speed0.2-2mm/min,drive by servo motor
4Air compressor pressure0.4-0.6MPa
5Welding torch micro adjusting of three-dimensional direction

left-right direction:50mm

Up and down direction:50mm

Forward and backward:50mm

6Welding methodMIG/MAG,about500mm/min
7Welding wire diameterΦ 2.8, 3.2mm

Machine working voltage

380V 3phase 50hz


Welding voltage range

15-36V,stepless adjustable


Machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50hz for welding power source

220v 1phase 50hz for automatic welding machine body


2.Machine Body is composed by the base and column beams and other components. Welded bed base; Right side of rail mounted power head. Spindle head stock is fixed. Tailstock can be transposed fixed. Adjustable universal ball bracket on central body uses universal wheel bearing. Right front side fixed electrical control box; install the control buttons for easy use and maintenance.

3.Welding torch adjusting mechanism

1.Torch axial travel uses the beam structure. Manual adjustment, fixing welding torch axial working position can be convenient.

2.Welding torch forward and backward movement

It is driven by air cylinder, guide by guide post, to achieve the conversion of torch preparation and welding position. 2-dimensional adjustment mechanism is arranged on the slide, manual locking after adjusting the torch to weld seam position.

  1. Electrical system

Machine adopts AC variable frequency drive technology, has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance; speed can be smooth adjustment, the failure rate is low, suitable for long time use.

The integrated control panel box, button control, convenient use and operation