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The special machine is mainly used for straight seam welding of tank body.

1.The welding torch moves up and down pneumatically, the workpiece is fixed and the welding seam is flat. Welding torch travels longitudinally. 

2.The workpiece is positioned by pneumatic, aligned, and pressed by pneumatic keys to ensure that the weld position does not deviate. 

3.Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right, front and back, and angle to meet welding requirements.. 

4.PLC is used to control the whole machine running and AC servo speed regulation to ensure the reliability of the equipment.. 

5.Copper gasket and forming groove to ensure back side forming; with water cooling and back side shield gas system

6.Welding form can be preset, stored and invoked. It is easy to change parameters and state transition through man-machine interface.

【Main parameters】

Applicable diameter200mm-900mm
Applicable length500mm-2000mm
Material thickness0.6mm-4mm
Materialmild steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Welding mode availableTIG, MIG,SAW, PAW
Control systemPLC and touch screen
Welding speed100-700mm/min
Welding torch left-right direction adjust100mm
Welding torch lifting stroke100mm
Machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50Hz

220v 1phase 50Hz

【Equipment composition】

The machine is composed of frame, workpiece positioning and aligning mechanism, workpiece pressing mechanism, welding torch longitudinal walking mechanism, welding torch lifting and adjusting mechanism, cooling system, welding power supply, pneumatic system and electrical control system.

1.Machine frame

It is welded by square pipe and steel sheet metal. The lower part of the frame is a worktable. The workpiece positioning and aligning mechanism and the workpiece pressing mechanism are installed. The upper part of the frame is a gantry beam, and the longitudinal walking mechanism of the welding torch is installed.

2.Workpiece positioning and aligning mechanism

Use pneumatic key type fixture to align.

3.Workpiece pressing mechanism

The mandrel and pneumatic keyboard are used for positioning and pressing the workpiece. The pressure is uniform and the pressing effect is good. Welding seam and clamping area should be illuminated without damaging the operator’s eyes. The clamp key is smooth. Clamping does not have any technical requirements. Clamping avoids material dislocation of any thickness. Clamping force can be controlled and adjusted. One side of the clamping position can be clamped directly, and the other side can achieve pre-clamping to meet weld alignment. The use of mechanical block to avoid end misalignment can save the sliding time of short pipes by translating the mechanical block. The width of clamping keys is not more than 80 mm. There is water-cooling system and back side gas shielding system in the mandrel

4.Welding torch longitudinal walking mechanism

It is composed of AC servo motor, reducer, gear rack transmission, etc. The motor through AC servo driver, drives the welding torch to move. The control precision is high, the speed range is wide, the speed change is uniform and the force distance is stable. Welding torch is guided by guide rail with high precision. Improve production efficiency on the premise of guaranteeing welding quality

5.Welding torch clamping and adjusting mechanism

Fixed on the moving bracket of the cross beam guide rail, the cylinder drives the movement up and down to realize the conversion between the preparation and welding status. The welding torch rises and falls with the cylinder. Pneumatic lifting is guided by linear bearings and guide pillars with high positioning accuracy. The welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right, front and back, and angle respectively. Welding torch fine-tuning adopts swallow tail form, adopts rod adjustment, accurate adjustment, high positioning accuracy, and can be tightened after adjustment.

6.Electric control system

Japanese OMRON PLC is used as the control core to control the upper and lower of welding torch, clamping and execution of welding procedures. The system has good stability, simple structure and easy maintenance.

Touch screen is used as input and output interface, welding length, welding method, welding specifications, arc initiation time and so on can be input through the interface. All faults occurring during welding can be alarmed and given instructions.      

Welding length is measured by rotary encoder closed-loop, and position detection such as torch position and origin is detected by imported switch.

Automatic detection of welding starting point and automatic return to original position after welding.

Integrated control panel box. Control button, welding voltmeter, welding specification control etc. are concentrated on one panel. It is easy to use and operate.

8.Pneumatic system

It is composed of triple body, cylinder, air valve, etc. It controls the lifting of welding torch and clamping of workpiece. Major components adopt Taiwan AIRTAC products

9.Water cooling and back side gas shielding mandrel                     

There is forming groove, water-cooling system and back side gas shielding system in the mandrel. User need prepare external water circulating tank