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Weld circular seamson Welding process will be continual and steady. Machine will stop when the welding is finished.

MIG welding type, weld double-seam at the same time

Main parameters
Applicable pipe diameter48.3mm
Applicable pipe lengthmax 3000mm

Rotation speed


Air compressor0.4~0.6MPA

Motor power


Air pressure


Control system

Japan Omron PLC and touch screen

Output voltage


Output rated current

60-350A, at 60%

Welding power source

China AOTAI NBC-350

Machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50hz

220v 1phase 50hz

Equipment composition



• Welding torch is fixed, and pipe will rotate. Welding torch can be manually adjusted up and down, side to side and angled turn. Machine is equipped with 2pcs welding torch.

• Both pipe ends are fixed by rotary chuck. Rotation speed is controlled by Japan Omron AC frequency transformer (0.75kw). They will be synchronous rotation.

• Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen are used to control the whole machine. With the help of touch man-machine interface, welding mode and specification can be preset,stored and retrieved. There will be fault alarm and indication during welding process, such as stuck wire, blocked wire, etc. Welding original point can be auto-detected. Welding gun will go to mechanical point after finishing the seam.



•  Push-type wire feeder works stably.Machine is with high welding voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting. Machine is also with low welding voltage and low welding current for filling crater.  

•  Pipe is supported by bracket.It is flexible and convenient to load and unload pipe in the process of welding. The supporter will move along round rails. Space between supporters can be adjusted according to pipe length. Thus increases productive capacity and reduces workers’ labor intensity.

•  In order to weld different length pipe, the tailstock is moving alone round rails.

•  Equipped with lock. It will guarantee that ledger will placed in the right position and not move.

•  Copper block as the conductive device (electricconduction) which directly connects with welding source (negative electrode).