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Hydraulic Cylinder automatic Assembly Machine

Design tasks:

1.Main function:Assemble the piston rod assembly and cylinder assembly automatically.

2.Workpiece specifications:

• Outer diameter of cylinder:Φ50-300mm

• The longest cylinder close state length is 1m,2m,3m

• The longest cylinder extended state size is around 2m,3m,6m

3.Cylinder assembly torque requirements

Bolt torque requirements for bolt-type cylinders : 1500 Nm, which can be set.

Equipment usage conditions

Power:AC380V±10%, 50Hz

Air pressure:5~0.7MPa;


Main equipment composition

The machine is equipped with spindle box and hydraulic clamping mechanism, cylinder support mechanism, piston rod V-shaped bracket lifting mechanism, cylinder flange cover tightening mechanism, piston rod pushing back mechanism, electrical system and hydraulic system.




Machine body

The base is welded with a square tube and a plate, and the plane is processed on the base as the installation reference surface to install the linear guide rail. After the bed is welded, heat treatment and timely treatment are carried out to eliminate the stress of the bed and maintain high precision after long-term use. The bed load can bear more than 500kg.


Spindle box and hydraulic clamping mechanism

It consists of a servo rotating main shaft, a hydraulic cylinder synchronous clamping mechanism and a bed head advance and retreat mechanism.



The rotating main shaft is driven by a servo rotating motor, and the gear is reduced to drive the main shaft to rotate. The gear is assembled with anti-backlash gears without rotation deviation. The main shaft adopts a rotary joint mechanism to deliver hydraulic oil to the front clamping cylinder.

The main shaft advance and retreat mechanism is driven by an AC motor, and the head part is moved back and forth to the appropriate position through the lead screw, and can be locked to achieve the purpose of adjustment.



Cylinder support mechanism

Equipped with 2 cylinder barrel brackets. The brackets are supported by rubber rollers, guided by guide posts, and the height can be adjusted up and down by the hand wheel. Pneumatic lifting mechanism, holding up and receiving material when loading, and falling down before work after positioning, realizing stable and reliable rotation of the workpiece.



Piston rod V-shaped bracket lifting mechanism

The mechanism is installed on the bed rail. The piston rod is supported by two V-shaped rubber wheels. The piston rod can roll forward and backward. The two brackets are installed on the up and down moving frame, and the distance is adjustable to adapt to the length of the workpiece. The moving bracket is guided by the front and rear wire gauges, and is driven by the oil cylinder to realize the height change of the V-shaped pallet.



Cylinder flange cover tightening mechanism

The torque of the torque machine is 1500kgf-m, and a torque wrench is installed at the output end to clamp the cylinder for work. The torque wrench has two modes: slot and hole.

The torsion mechanism is installed on the sliding frame, respectively guided by the guide rails to quickly approach the workpiece and insert it into the card slot for work. Under the control of the program, the end cover is automatically tightened.





Piston rod pushing mechanism

Driven by the hydraulic motor and the chain from the side, the mechanism pushes the piston rod back into the cylinder along the guide rail to complete the final process of installing the cylinder.

Hydraulic pressure station


Control system


The host adopts the OMRON PLC imported from Japan as the control core, and the execution system of the control welding procedures has good stability, simple structure and easy maintenance.



Control panel can move along the guide rail to adapt to different length of operation.



The tightening torque of the torque machine can be individually controlled on the control panel.


Hydraulic cylinder welding machine work process
load workpiece manually
positioning workpiece pneumatically
push workpiece to welding station
follow welding process,down welding torch
reach welding position,supply shielding gas
high welding voltage and slow wire feeding
4axis synchronizing interpolated motion
finish program
ending arc with low welding voltage and low voltage
stop shielding gas
reset welding torch
release jig and fixture unload workpiece.