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Machine function and Features

1.Automatically push 2~3 pieces Partition into the fuel tank inside position as required


2.The accuracy of Requirements on tank and partition : the repeated size of the fuel tank partition is less than 2mm. The length of the tank is less than 4mm. The gap between the partition and the tank is less than 1mm.


3.Assembly gaps in each process. Workpiece weld gap: ≤0.5mm.



Function of machine

1.The partition-tank body pressing machine is specially used for the servo-propelled press-fitting of the baffle and the oil tank  into place;


2.the press-fitting size is precisely controllable by the in-position servo; it can adapt to the press-fitting needs of workpieces of different lengths.


3.The coaxiality of the two end head is not more than 0.5mm, and the flatness of the movement plane of the bed is 0.8mm.


4.The materials used for the tooling jig at the bottom and both ends of the machine: the partitions are positioned with nylon, and the tank supports with nylon rollers. Surface quality defects such as scratches and indentations cannot be caused on the workpiece surface.


5.Servo press-fitting should not be deformed or twisted during the working process. The movement accuracy of the press-in mechanism of the equipment must be guaranteed to be within 1mm.


6.The size difference caused by the deformation of the partition during the press-fitting process is not included. The press-in depth at each end of the two ends of the equipment is required to be max 1000mm,



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