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Fuel Tank Longitudinal Seam Welder

1.Automatically weld the longitudinal seam of the fuel tank as customers’ drawing, Welding process will be continual and steady.


2.MAG/MIG/TIG welding with push type wire feeder,.The short-distance push-wire mechanism is to ensure the wire feeding stability.Machine can work continuously for 24-hour.


3.Ensure the location dimensions of the workpiece uniform, positioning automatically, convenient and reliable to use, welding quality meets the requirements, clamping fast and convenient.


4.Use Japan OMRON PLC to control and achieve the welding process, improve reliability.


5.The welding type and welding specification can be preset, stored and recalled via the PLC. It is convenient to change parameters and state conversion through the torch screen interface.so you can modify the welding specification by yourselves or we preprogram for you.


6.The machine equipped with the function of high voltage, slow wire feeding and arc ignition to ensure reliable arc ignition, as well as low voltage and low current arc closing and arc crater filling functions.


7.Before welding ,adjust the welding torch position.During the welding, the workpiece is fixed ,and the welding torch is drive by motor to move left and right on the beam ,the speed is adjustable to ensure consistent welding. After welding,the welding torch return the original point automatically.

Working Procedures

1.Loading fuel tank on the Support axis manually


2.Clamping fuel tank on the support axis automatically


3.Supplying shielding gas automatically and Welding torch going down automatically


4.Completing the welding seam as the program automatically


5.Welding torch lifting up and go back to the original point automatically


6. Release fuel tank from support axis automatically


7.Unloading fuel tank on feeding support manually

Introduction of machine

This machine consist of mainframe,workpiece supporting mechanism, welding torch feeding and adjusting mechanism,the ,electrical control system, pneumatic system and welding power source.


The machine body It adopts the cold bending and welding of webs and guide rails to reduce welding seams, improve the strength and appearance of the entire column, reduce the welding heat affected zone, and reduce the damage to the excellent characteristics of steel. After welding, stress relief is adopted to ensure the mechanical properties of the column

Technique Parameters






Fuel Tank Material

Carbon steel ,stainless steel ,aluminum ,cooper or iron or other metal material .

Thickness 0.8~10mm


Fuel Tank size

Side size max 1000mm ,length max 3000mm


Control system

Japan Omron PLC and touch screen


Welding method and speed



Welding torch moving range in left-right direction on the beam

As the max length of fuel tank


Welding torch micro adjusting of three-dimensional direction

left-right direction:50mm

Up and down direction:50mm

Forward and backward:50mm


Welding power source

We usually use MILLER,LINCOLN or FRONIUS or KEMPPI or Japan OTC or China AOTAI,customer can name the welding power source brand.