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Fuel tank end cap automatic welding machine

If you want know the price of fuel tank automatic welding machine,please send me the pictures or drawing ,the size and material of your fuel tank,then we can quote you the suitable machine for all your size .

No.Item Specification
1Applicable workpiece Size rangeApplicable workpiece Size range
2MaterialCarbon steel ,stainless steel ,aluminum ,cooper or iron or other metal material .
3Rotation speed0.5-8r.p.m,stepless adjustable
4Motor powerPanasonic servo motor
5Air pressure0.4-0.8MPA
6Welding voltage range15-36V,stepless adjustable
7Shielding gas consumption15L-20L/min

Welding power source

We usually use MILLER,LINCOLN or FRONIUS or KEMPPI or Japan OTC or China AOTAI,customer can name the welding power source brand.


Welding method



Machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50hz for welding power source

230v 1phase 50hz for machine body


Cooling method

Air cooling or water cooling as different welding method.


Fuel tank Automatic seam welder Features

1.Automatic weld double tank end cap on fuel tank body as customers’ drawing

2.For the square welding seam, its welding seam is irregular,so use CNC control the

welding torch to walk the welding seam path .equipped with the Electric minute adjust system to adjust the welding torch during welding to solve the Non-standard docking caused by non-standard workpiece size or improper assembly.Meanwhile, it should guarantee that the welding specification is as even and uniform as possible.

3.Automatic welding machine can equipped with two welding torch or one set welding torch as customers requirement.the Welding Torch, head stock and tail stock can be adjusted longitudinally to fit various kinds of size fuel tank welding.

4.Welding process will be continual and steady. Welding seam appearance is good and smooth, the depth of fusion and width of fusion meet the welding requirement, leakage rate is less than 1%

5.Adopt heavy duty welded machine body, Workpiece is positioned by tooling jigand pressed by pneumatic Moths Morse taper,Rotating synchronously.convenient and quick for centering, good concentricity, and small deformation.

6.During the welding,the workpiece is rotate ,and the welding torch is fixed.Workpiece rotation speed is adjusted by servo motor , stepless adjustment, to improve the reliability.

7.The machine equipped with the function of high voltage, slow wire feeding and arc ignition to ensure reliable arc ignition, as well as low voltage and low current arc closing and arc crater filling functions.

8.Equipped with Mechanical tracking mechanism

During the fuel tank rotating,it use the mechanical wheel to adjust the welding torch to keep the distance and angle between welding torch and workpiece. it will guarantee good welding result in case of the joint seam is not uniform and get better welding performance

9.Electric fine-tuning system

Because the fuel tank joint seam position have a dimensional tolerance.so need fine-tuning the welding torch position.Use the remote control panel to fine-tuning the welding torch to move up and down ,left and right during the welding and no need stop the welding process .







Main configuration Introduction

Equipment consists of machine body, fixture, rotary axis power mechanism, workpiece vertical CNC travelling mechanism, forward and backward CNC travelling mechanism, welding torch adjustment mechanism, CNC control system, electrical control system, welding power source and other components.


Fuel tank head automatic seam welder Working Procedures

1.Loading the workpiece to the support brackets manually

2.Clamping the workpiece on two chucks automatically

3.Welding torch going down automatically and Supplying shielding gas automatically

4.adjust down the support bracket manually

5.Completing the welding seam as the program automatically

6.Welding torch lifting up and return to the original point automatically

7.Manually lift up the Support brackets

8.The tooling jig of Tail stock returning back automatically

9.Release the tank from two set tooling jig manually

10.unloading the workpiece from tooling jig manually