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  1. Welding Requirement
  2. 1.It can accomplish the automatic circular seam welding of pipe flange.Surface forming uniform and good appearance. Depth of fusion and width of fusion meet welding requirement, easy to load and clamp.
  3. 2.TIG welding with wire feeder.
  4. 3.Pipe needs to be made groove (Y type is better), without gap.
  5. 4.Pipe diameter: max 102mm.Pipe length 1m.
  6. Feature of Equipment
  7. 1.Welding torch will weld the workpiece vertically, after changing position, the workpiece rotates, the welding position is changeable.
  8. 2.The machine has high voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting. Machine also has low welding voltage and low current for filling crater.
  9. 3.It adopts push-type wire feeding mode, to guarantee feeding stability.
  10. 4.Welding torch can be adjusted longitudinally, which suits to various welding type.
  11. 5.PLC is used to control the whole machine operating,stepless adjustment, to improve equipment reliability.
  12. 6.The welding mode and welding specification can be preset , saved and recalled. Via touch man-machine interface, it is convenient to modify parameters and alternate status.
  13. 7.Welding torch can move up and down, side to side, and the angle can be adjusted, to reach welding requirement.
  • Design Layout
  1. Equipment Composition

Machine consists of body, TIG welding head,ARC tracking system, oscillator, motor-driven positioner, rotation axis mechanism, fixture and conductive mechanism, torch clamping &adjustment mechanism, cross mechanism, universal support, electric control system, TIG welding power source and pneumatic system.

1.Machine Body

Adopt welding body. Base is welded by square tube and steel panel, using annealing treatment after welding. Cross and rotation axis pedestal are fixed in the upper plane.

2.Positioner and Rotation Axis Mechanism

Positioner is driven by AC frequency motor, worm and gear reduces speed, and then through the first gear to reduce speed and change position, put the workpiece in the right welding angle. Rotation axis mechanism is driven by AC frequency motor, worm and gear reduces speed , to drive rotation axis to rotate.

Workpiece is clamped by chuck, high positioning accuracy. Conductive mechanism use customized electric copper, good welding effect.

Change of welding position is realized by motor and rack&pinion.

3.Torch Clamping&Adjustment&Electric Forward-Backward Mechanism and Up-Down Adjustment Mechanism

Welding torch is driven up and down by AC motor, achieve switch between the preparation and welding station. It adopts push-type wire feeding type, to guarantee feeding stability. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right and angle turn. The fine adjustment of torch uses motor-driven adjustment and ball screw, with high accurate adjustment and high positioning accuracy. It can be locked after welding.

Cross mechanism consist of column and moving boom. Rail is installed in the column, using worm and gear to reduce the speed,  ball screw drives it to move and down. The moving boom is guided by the guide rail, and air cylinder is used to achieve the forward and backward movement. The wire feeder is placed on the upper end of the boom and moves along with the boom, ensure the stability of the wire feeding. Oscillating and fine adjustment mechanisms places in the front end, ensure the correct positioning of the welding.

4.Universal Ball Bracket

Universal roller supporter is adjusted manually by ball screw lift, guided by guide post. It is adjusted and locked according to the workpiece.

5.Electric System

  • OMRON PLC as control core, control the implementation of the welding program. Stable system, simple structure and easy maintenance.
  • 7-inch touch screen as the input and output interface. Welding length, arc igniting&ending time, welding current, welding voltage and welding speed can be input through the interface.
  • Integrated control panel box. Control button, touchscreen, and welding specification are in a control panel, easy to use and operate.

Japan OTC ADP400 power source and wire feeder (rated output current is 400A). Its arc is stable, which controls heat input for good penetration and reduced spatter and smoke. 1 set power source will go with your machine.

  1. Work Process

manually loading →turn the workpiece to the correct welding angle → rotate the rotation axis→run the welding torch to welding position → CO2 gas supply→ high voltage, slow wire feed for arc igniting →after finishing welding the set length → small current, low voltage for arc ending →stop supplying CO2 gas, return torch→ stop rotating the rotation axis→ release workpiece → manual unloading. (when weld long workpiece, it can be placed on a supporter and be clamped by the chuck.)

【Main parameters】

lift motor power0.75KW
rotation axis motor power0.55KW
welding torch lifting distance100mm
welding torch left-right distance100mm
tilting angle25°~  60°
welding wire diameterΦ1.0–Φ1.6mm
shielding gas consumption15L/MIN
working voltage3phase 380V