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1 Welding machine for cuplocks and stoppers.There are 20pcs welding torch: 6pcs for cuplocks and 14pcs for stoppers.

2 MIG welding type.

3.Pipe&cuplock will automatically moved to the 2ND stopper welding stage. Pipe will be automatically fixed in stopper welding machine (pneumatic), load and unload pipe conveniently.

4 There are 14 sets welding power source totally. System will automatically control signal of wire feeder and welding power source.

5 The 1ST assembly and cuplock welding stage—-fix the components in located fixture. Automatically load the pipe through cuplocks. Pipe will be held by pneumatic rotary chuck. Machine will weld cuplocks automatically.

The middle conveyor stage–cylinder device will automatically push pipe&cuplock to the conveyor stage.

The 2ND stopper welding stage: pipe&cuplock will be automatically moved to the stopper welding stage. Pipe will be loaded and uplifted by adjustable support, and held by pneumatic thimble. 20-30pcs stopper can be stored in the holder in advance. Next, stopper will be welded automatically.

At last, the last cylinder device will push pipe and unload it to the storage stand.

Main parameters
Pipe diameter48.3mm
Welding lengthMax 3m
Stopper diameter8mm,10mm
Stopper length20mm
Welding speed450-600mm/min
Program control


MCGS touch screen

Loading capacity800KG
Air pressure0.6MPA

Welding torch moving range

100mm, Horizontal: 200mm

Rotation degree360°
Welding power sourceChina AOTAI NBC-350
Machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50hz

220v 1 phase 50hz

Equipment composition

There are total 6pcs welding torch for welding circular seams.

1  6 pcs welding torch are for welding cuplock circular seams. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down(pneumatic), side to side and angled turn(manual). They maximize throughout, and welding deformation can be reduced significantly.

2  14pcs welding torch are for welding stopper longitudinal seams. Holder will be used to store stopper. 20-30pcs stopper can be stored in the stopper holder. Next, stopper will be pushed outside and automatically welded. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, side to side and angled turn.

  1. Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen are used to control the whole machine. With the help of touch man-machine interface, welding mode and specification can be preset,stored and retrieved. There will be fault alarm and indication during welding process, such as stuck wire, blocked wire, etc.

4 Push-type wire feeder works stably. Cup and stopper will share 6 of 14sets welding power source (system will control signal of wire feeder and automatically change their signals).

Automatically load the pipe through upper cup and lower cup.

Middle pipe conveyor

The last conveyor will push pipe and unload it to the storage stand. It is difficult to ship storage table. Buyer should make the table by themselves. We will offer table drawings freely.