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Applicationof Automatic Roller Welding Machine



Weld double circular seamson roller Welding process will be continual and steady. Machine will stop once the welding is finished.


Automatic positioning; Adjustable angle position of welding torch.


MIG welding  type.

Technique Parameters
1 Welding diameter 89mm, 108mm, 133mm, 159mm
2 Welding length Max1500mm
3 Rotation speed 0.5-8r.p.m
4 Motor power 0.55KW
5 Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPA
6 Welding gun lifting range 50mm
7 welding gun moving range in the left-right direction 100mm
8 Shielding gas consumption 15L/min
9 Welding power source Japan OTC CPVE400
10 Machine working voltage 380v 3phase 50hz for power source 220v single phase 50hz for main machine
Hydraulic cylinder welding machine main Feature





Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, side to side and angled turn. They maximize throughout, and welding deformation can be reduced significantly. Machine is equipped with 2pcs welding torch.






Japan OMRON PLC is used to control the whole machine. With the help of touch screen, welding mode and specification can be preset,stored and retrieved. Welding original point can be auto-detected. Welding torch will go to mechanical original point after finishing work.

We have used for this project the welding source of the China best brand. The arc is stable, which controls heat input for good penetration and reduced spatter and smoke. 2 sets welding power source will go with machine.Push-type wire feeder is installed in machine. Short distance wire of feeding and stable wire feeding.



Pipe is supported by bracket of rolling wheels. Universal ball ensures that it is flexible and convenient to load and unload pipe in the process of welding.

The supporter will move along round rails. Space between supporters can be adjusted according to pipe length. Thus increases productive capacity and reduces workers’ labor intensity.

In order to weld different length pipe, the tailstock is movable.







Double sliding doors are made of the steel plate, with strong intensity. There is a inspection window on the door. Welding process can be observed in the mirror.