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I Machine Application and features

1.Automatic arc welding shock absorber up strut mount,shock absorber axle board.

2.During the welding ,the car shock absorber valve and pipe are clamped on chuck ,and rotating drive by chuck ,and welding torch is fixed on the welding position ,Machine will fix valve on base, then weld valve and pipe together

3.There are two welding positions as shown in the figure, vertical welding and horizontal welding,customer can choose one of them as need .

4.Japan PLC control the welding torch and chuck rotating to finish welding the circular seam .

5.All welding parameters can preset on the torch screen and recall ,easy to operate

6.Core components are use famous brand ,make our automatic seam welder keep stable welding condition and Up to 20 years of service life

7.Welding Machine Parameters

No.Item Specification
1Car shock absorber size range

Diameter range 30-110mm

Length range :max 400mm

Customized as users weldment size range

2Welding methodMIG/MAG ,about 500mm/min
3Weldment Rotation speed0-8rpm,stepless adjustment
4Servo Motor power0.4KW
5Compressed air pressure0.6-0.8MPA
6Welding voltage15-36V
7Welding current range50-350A
8Diameter of welding wire0.8mm-1.2mm