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Weld circular overlaying on tube/pipe/rolls. Melting thickness and width reach working requirement. With uniform and smooth welding appearance.

MIG/MAGWelding type.

Welding machine can work continuously for 24-hour.

Machine Feature

Welding torch is fixed while workpiece is rotating, welding position is horizontal.

Workpiece is clampedand rotary by fixture and supported by universal ball bracket.

Welding torch can moves longitudinally to complete the whole cladding progress.

PLC controls the whole machine operation. Workpiece rotation speed is adjusted by inverter, stepless adjustment, to improve the reliability.

The welding mode and welding specification can be preset, saved and re Via touch man-machine interface, it is convenient to modify the parameter and switch the status through the man-machine touch screen.

Technical Parameters
Applicable welding length1m-3m
Applicable welding diameterMax 300mm
Control systemJapan Omron PLC
Welding wire diameter1.0mm &1.2mm
Air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Welding torch moving range in left-right direction70mm

Welding torch lifting range


Machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50/60hz

Welding power source

Japan OTC EP500(customized)

Machine Structure

Equipment Composition


It consists of Electric deceleration head, fixture,conductive mechanism,welding torch clamping and adjustment mechanism,CNC axial moving mechanism, adjustable movable bracket,electric control system,welding power resource and pneumatic system.



Welding torch can be adjusted up and down (pneumatic cylinder), side to side and angled turn to meet different welding requirement.  

The movement of welding head is driven by servo motor.





Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen are used to control the whole machine. With the help of touch man-machine interface, welding mode and specification can be preset,stored and retrieved. There will be fault alarm and indication during welding process, such as stuck wire, blocked wire, etc.




Pipe is fixed by the rotary chuck, and supported by bracket of rolling wheels. Universal ball ensures that it is flexible and convenient to rotate. Distance between supports can be adjusted according to pipe length.




Welding Torch Pneumatic Feeding and Oscillating Mechanism

Welding torch moves forward-backward driven by air cylinder, to reach the switch between preparation and welding station. Oscillating mechanism is composed of stepper motor, ball screw and linear rail, etc.  Torch oscillating frequency, oscillating scope,  oscillating time, lifting distance, lifting numbers can be controlled by CNC system.





Japan OTC EP-500 (rated output current is 500A) with pulse function. Push-type wire feeder works stably. Machine is with high welding voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting.





There is a inspection window on the sliding door. Welding process can be observed in the mirror.





Guide rails are mounted on body. Tail-stock and support can be moved easily.

Configuration Pohoto
OTC EP500 welding power source
Control panel
Wire feeder
Touch screen
Rotary chuck
Electrical cabinet
Air-cooling welding torch
Power box
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