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  1. Design Mission

Automatically complete welding two circular seams of axle head. To make sure that welding specification is even and uniform. With uniform surface and good appearance. Easy and reliable to be used. Welding quality meets welding requirement, quick and convenient to load and clamp.

  1. Basic Conception
  2. Welding torch is fixed, the workpiece is rotating. Welding position is horizontal. The two ends of axle are pressed pneumatically and rotate together.
  3. Using double water-cooling welding torches and two welding power sources to improve work efficiency and reduce the welding deformation.
  4. The machine has high voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting. Machine also has low welding voltage and low current for filling crater.
  5. The welding torches have oscillating and synchronous lifting functions to realize the automatic lifting and oscillating of the welding torch during the welding process, to complete the multi-layer welding and fill up the welding bead.
  6. The welding current, voltage and welding speed of each layer in each welding program, the welding torch oscillating frequency, oscillating scope, oscillating time, welding torch automatic lifting time, lifting distance and lifting frequency can be preset and recalled in steps. 100 welding programs can be stored in PLC system.
  7. Welding torch, rotation axis box and tailstock can be adjusted longitudinally, to meet welding of different size workpiece.
  8. Using PLC to control the whole machine operation, AC frequency speed regulator, to improve the reliability of equipment.
  9. Adopts axis central hole positioning and pneumatic pressed mode.
  10. Using the man-machine interface to modify parameter. During welding process, arc igniting time, arc ending time and welding length can be set through man-machine interface. The modification of parameters can be conveniently and timely input through touch keys, and the parameters can be pre-stored and recalled.

Axle Welding Machine video:

  1. Equipment Composition

The machine is composed of main frame, rotation axis box, tailstock and pressing mechanism, workpiece support mechanism, welding torch feeding and adjustment mechanism, electric control system, pneumatic system and welding power source.

3.1 Main frame

  • It is composed of base, gantry beam and sliding door. Base is welded by square tube and steel plate. After plane processing and stress relief treatment. Rails are installed on the base. The power head is installed on the left of rail, pneumatic tailstock is installed on the right. Power head and pneumatic tailstock can be adjusted along the guide rails, and the distance between them can be changed to meet the welding requirements of different types.
  • The power head and the pneumatic tailstock adopt manual screw adjustment. Adjustment distance is marked with a ruler, it can be tightened after adjustment. The power head and pneumatic tailstock can be guided by rails, assure the concentricity between them. The gantry beam is welded with square tube and metal plate. It is fixed on the base. Beam surface adopts the plane processing, and mounts with round rails.
  • Two sets of welding torch clamping, oscillating and pneumatic lifting mechanism are installed on the left and right sides of the beam rails, adjustable along the guide rails. The distance between two mechanisms can be changed, and tightened after adjustment. Independent electrical control box is on the outside of the machine body, it is facilitate to be used and maintained. Sliding doors is made of steel, with good strength. The left and right sides sliding door open observation window. There is observation mirror in the windows, so it is convenient to observe status during the welding process.

3.2 Rotation Axis Box

Rotation head consists of AC frequency motor, reducer, fixture and conductive sleeve, etc. The rotation speed is regulated by controlling inverter to adjust motor speed. Reducer with two-grade worm and gear, aluminum shell, with high output torque, easy installation and maintenance. Conductive sleeve adopts copper sleeve. Conductive oil is poured between copper sleeve and rotation axis, abrasion resistant and good electrical conductivity.

3.3 Tailstock Clamping Mechanism

Pneumatic tailstock is adjustable along the guide rail, to meet the welding requirements of different varieties. Pneumatic tailstock adopts manual screw adjustment. The workpiece is tightened by pneumatic thimble and rotates with it.

3.4 Torch Clamping&Adjustment&Pneumatic Lifting Mechanism

  • Welding torch is driven forward and backward by air cylinder, achieve station conversion between the preparation and welding.
  • It adopts push-type wire feeding mode, to guarantee feeding stability. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right and angled turn. The fine adjustment of torch uses the swallow tail form. Adopts ball screw adjustment with high accurate adjustment and high positioning accuracy. It will be locked after adjustment.
  • The oscillating mechanism consists of stepper motor, ball screw, linear guide rail, etc. It adopts fully-enclosed type structure, shielding the process from dust and spatters. Torch oscillating frequency, oscillating scope, oscillating time, torch lifting time, lifting distance, lifting frequency can be controlled by CNC system.

3.5 Electric Control System

  • Using OMRON PLC as control core, control the implementation of the welding program. Stable system, simple structure, easy maintenance.
  • The rotation of workpiece adopts Japan Panasonic frequency regulator. The rotation speed of AC motor is adjusted by regulating frequency, stepless adjustment. It can be displayed by cm/min,low rate and suit for long time use.
  • Taiwan MT-6070I 7- inch touch screen as the input and output interface. Welding length, arc igniting, arc ending time, welding current, welding voltage, welding speed, oscillating frequency, oscillating scope, oscillating time, torch lifting time, torch lifting distance, torch lifting frequency can be all input through the interface.
  • Rotary closed-loop encoder will detect welding length. Position detection: torch position is detected by imported non-contact switch
  • The welding starting point is automatically detected, and returned to the original point automatically after welding.
  • Integrated control panel box. Control button, touch screen, welding voltage&current meter, welding specification are in one panel, easy to be used and operated.

3.6 Pneumatic System

It consists of solenoid valve, air cylinder, oil-water separator and cables, etc. To control workpiece clamping, welding torch up and down and other actions. Pneumatic components use famous brand products.

3.7 Welding Power Source

Japan OTC CPVE-500 (rated output current is 500A) welding power source. Its arc is stable, which controls heat input for good penetration and reduced spatter and smoke. 1 set power source will go with your machine.

Push-type wire feeder(OTC) is installed at the moving arm of the torch holder for short distance wire feeding and give stable feeding.Machine is with high welding voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting. Machine is also with low welding voltage and low welding current for filling crater.

  1. Work Process

Manual loading→hold and clamp the workpiece→falling down the welding torch→supply CO2 shielding gas—→high voltage, slow wire feeding for arc igniting→detect welding current signal→rotate workpiece, weld the bottom weld→reach set welding length→welding torch automatically lifts and oscillates →reach set welding length→small current, low-voltage for arc ending→stop CO2 shielding gas→ welding torch returns→ open sliding door→ unload the workpiece

V. Main Technical Parameter

Rotation speed0.5-5 r.p.m stepless adjustment
Motor power0.55KW
Compressed air0.4~0.6MPA
Welding voltage0-40v,stepless adjustment
Welding current0-500A, 60% duty cycle stepless adjustment
Welding wire diameterΦ0.8~Φ1.2mm
Machine working voltage3phase 380V±15%
Workpiece Length100mm