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Hydraulic cylinder welding machine welding requirement

Design Mission

It should meetthe requirement of automatically welding various ports/nozzles of hydraulic cylinder circular seam. 

MIG weldingwith wire feeder.

Make sure the welding specification is uniformand even, welding seam has good appearance. Easy and reliable to operate. Quality can meet welding requirement.

Technique Parameters
Oil Port/ Nipple diameterAbout 30mm
Oil Port/ Nipple heightAbout 20mm
Tube diameter50mm-200mm
Tube length2000mm
Welding torch speedJapan OTC CPVE-400
Machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50hz for welding power source

220v single phase 50hz for main machine

Welding Specification and Basic Conception





Welding torch tilts to a certain angle, can be adjusted up-down, side to side and angled turn. Workpiece is fixed while the welding torch is rotating.

Fixture is used to form workpiece center, to obtain welding seam position, which does not deviate while placing nozzle to cylinder. Do not need spot welding in advance.

Machine has high voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which ensures reliable arc igniting. It also has low welding voltage and low current for filling crater.






It adopts shot-distance wire feeding mode.

Using Japan PanasonicPLC to control the whole operation. CNC system is used to control rotation of machine head. Servo motor is driven by AC servo driver.

The rotatory head is moved up and down by servo motor, rotary head falls while machine is welding, and lifts while loading and unloading

Equipment Composition

•   Machine is composed of upper, middle, and lower parts.

•   Rotary wire feedingmechanism is installed in upper part.

•   Middle part is the core component. Rotary head motor-driven feeding mechanism, welding torchrotation mechanism, conductive mechanism, workpiece clamping mechanism, workpiece rotation mechanism, welding torch &torch adjustment mechanism and safety device are all installed in the middle parts.

•   The lower part has switchmechanism of workpiece welding station and preparation station.

Machine Body
Consist of base and stand column. Positioning fixture and column are fixed in the base. The horizontal plate of base is used as installed datum plan; welding torch rotary head is installed in the stand column.

Welding Torch Rotation Mechanism

It consists of AC servo motor, planetary reducer, gear reducer and welding torch clamping mechanism. Rotary head is configured air and electric distributing ring, lead the shielding gas and welding current to the welding torch, welding torch can rotate continuously without tangling of air pipe.

Welding Torch Clamping Mechanism

It adopts push-type wire feeding mode, ensures feeding stability. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right and angled turn. The mode of welding torch adjustment adopts swallow tail shape, ball screw adjustment with high accurate adjustment and positioning. It can be locked after adjustment.

Rotary Head Motor-driven Feeding Mechanism

AC servo motor and worm gear reducer drives the ball screw up and down. It is guided by linear guide rail and sliders are with high positioning accuracy.




Cylinder is supported by rolling wheels. Space among different supporters can be adjusted according to tube length. There are 3sets steel roller supports on machine body.




Sliding door is made of the steel plate, with strong intensity. There is a inspection window on the door. Welding process can be observed in the mirror.




Japan OTC CPVE-400 power sourceand wire feeder (rated output current is 400A). Its arc is stable, which controls heat input for good penetration and reduced spatter and smoke. 1 set power source will go with your machine.

Equipment Configuration
No.Name and ModelQuantity
1Automatic welding machine

1 set

2350A MIG welding torch

1 set

3Electrical control cabinet

1 set

4Operation control box

1 set

5Cable and connector

1 set

6machine operation control program

1 set


Welding power source Japan OTC CPVE400

1 set

Controlling System

1.Japan PanasonicPLC controls the implementation of the welding program. Stable system, simple structure, easy maintenance.

2.The rotation and up-down movement of machine head is driven by JapanPanasonic servo motor. Steeples adjustment, low failure rate, suitable for long time use.

3.Touch screen HMI panel are used as input and output interface. Welding length, arc igniting time, arc ending time, welding voltage, welding current and welding speed can be input through the interface.

4.Rotary closed-loop encoder will detect welding length.

5.Welding original point can be auto-detected. Machine will return to the home position after welding.

6.Integrated control panel box. Control button, touch screen, welding specification are in a concentrated panel, easy to use and operate. Each motion adjustment has both manual and automatic function.

Hydraulic cylinder welding machine work process
Manual loading
Automatically move workpiece to welding station
welding torch falls, thimble presses workpiece tightly
Shielding gas supply
High voltage, slow wire feed for arc igniting
Torch rotation and welding
Weld the set length Trch stops
Small current, low voltage for arc ending
Stop supplying shielding gas
Welding torch returns to origin
Automatically move workpiece to unloading place
Manual unloading.
Configuration Pohoto
Hydraulic Cylinder Automatic Welding Machine, NZC-YG5000
Double head oil port welding machine
This machine can weld 2 port on same one cylinder at same time. Improve cylinder productivity.