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Longitudinal seam welders are also Automatic arc seam welder,are used for butt welding the tank ,cylinders,, cones, and boxes ,and other metal parts

  1. This type Automatic arc welding machine can produce high quality welded seams with 100 percent penetration. The seams that are welded in our longitudinal seam welding machines are usually straight and flat.

3.Can weld aluminum ,cooper ,stainless steel ,steel or iron and other metals

4.Automatic seam welder machine is have 4 size length : welding weldment at length max 1000mm ,length max 1500mm ,length max 2000mm,length max 2500mm,length max 3000mm ,and produced as the diameter range and thickness range of weldment.the bigger size of weldment ,the bigger of the machine and higher price


Can weld weldment from outside or inside as need

Automatic MIG welding liner seam from outside:

Automatic TIG welding straight seam from outside:

2.Automatic longitudinal seam welders can use MIG/MAG .TIG, Plasma, Submerged Arc welding method.

3.The welding torch mechanism is move on the machined travel beams which equipped with TAIWAI HIWIN Liner rails.

4.Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys can be welded using a variety of arc welding processes. The cooper clamping plate of the automatic seam welder can clamp the workpiece two side firmly on the backing bar. When welding stainless and steel ,the backing bar is cooper ;when welding cooper and aluminum ,the backing bar is stainless steel.

5.Clamping the weldment to the backing bar which can be a highly conductive device ,then sufficient force creates a “heat shunt.” The heat shunt allows the seams to be easily melted and providing protection from oxidation and burn through.

6.Backing bars can add a water-cooled system inside when do TIG welding ,and can add back shield gas to protect weldment.

7.Cooper clamping plate is used to conduct both heat and electricity.,and equipped with pneumatic cylinders to fix workpiece , pneumatic cylinders are used to control copper clamping plate. They will fix workpiece firmly.ach side cooper clamping plate is controlled separately ,so can clamp at same time or clamp one side to adjust the workpiece

8.We can add custom requirement on our standard seam welder to accommodate individual production needs.

Optional device

Automatic feeding bracket for welding pipe ,tanks ,cylinders

1.Most used in the heavy tank, Prevent the tank from being deformed and reduce the load of the support core axis ,and help users to load on and load off cylinder

2.is installed and fixed under the workbench , and the height can be adjusted to meet the different size tank .

3.First floor:use handle to control the hydraulic cylinder to lift or down. and Push in and pull out on the guide rail

4.Second floor: the support bracket surface equipped with roller to adjust cylinder,use pneumatic vale to control the roller lit and down

Automatic TIG welding longitudinal seam from outside :

Automatic butt welding machine to welding sheet to sheet

Automatic butt welder is same as the function as the seam welder which weld tank and pipe ,just need use two set support table to hold double side sheet ,we will provide the drawing of the support table ,then customer can prepare the support table by themselves ,because it is too large to transport,it is not worth customer to buy the support table from us