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  1. Design Task
  2. Complete the automatic welding of four straight welds on both sides of the radiator. The welding torch is required to walk out of the welding seam track, and the welding seam is beautifully formed and uniform. At the same time, it can ensure the stability and wide adjustability of the welding specification, the welding machine is flexible, simple and reliable in performance.
  3. MIG welding with wire feeder

Radiator automatic welding machine video:

  1. Basic Design
  2. 1.The workpiece is fixed, the welding position is horizontal, and automatic welding is adopted to ensure that the weld is beautifully formed and the welding quality is good.
  3. 2.Double welding torchs and double welding power sources are used to improve work efficiency and reduce welding distortion.
  4. 3.The two welding torchs are driven by the left and right machine heads driven by the AC servo motor to move synchronously, and the speed is adjustable.
  5. 4.The workpiece is installed and positioned by the fixture, and turned by 180° pneumatically to realize the reverse welding.
  6. 5.Use Japanese OMRON PLC to control the operation of the whole machine to ensure equipment reliability.
  7. 6.Parameter modification such as welding speed, welding length, dwell time, welding seam position and length, etc. can be input through the Kunlun touch-sensitive man-machine interface, and can be stored and recalled for easy use.

III. Technical Parameters

Applicable lengthmax 1000mm
Welding speed of torch0.2-2m/min,Stepless
Welding torch return empty stroke speed4m/min,Stepless
Pneumatic lifting distance of welding torch200mm
Workpiece thrust cylinder stroke100mm
The pressure and flow of the workpiece thrust cylinder are adjustable, and the left and right strokes are adjustable. 
Adjustable height of the middle bracket80mm(adjustable front and rear stroke)
Increase the left and right rough positioning for workpiece installation, adjustable according to the width of the workpiece. 
Up and down adjustment of welding torch100mm
Front and back adjustment of welding torch100mm
Turning angle of worktable180°
Welding power source 
Machine working voltage380v 3phase 50hz

Equipment Structure

The special machine is composed of a frame, a welding head, a longitudinal drive traveling mechanism of the head, a workpiece positioning mechanism, a pneumatic turning mechanism, a welding torch pneumatic lifting mechanism, an electrical control system and a welding power source.

4.1 Main Frame

The machine body adopts a welded bed, the upper plane is processed, and the beam is placed. Both sides and top of the beam are processed, and linear guide rails and rack and pinion mechanisms are installed respectively. Two sets of welding heads and their transverse electric drive systems are installed on the beam.

4.2 Machine head transversely driven walking mechanism

There is a set of walking mechanism. The AC servo motor and reducer drive two sets of welding heads to walk through the transmission mechanism to weld the straight welds on both sides of the workpiece. The motor is controlled by an AC variable frequency drive to realize stepless speed regulation.

4.3 Pneumatic lifting mechanism of welding torch

The welding torch is driven by the cylinder and guided by the guide rail to realize the preparation and welding process of the welding torch. The lifting mechanism is installed on the left and right adjustment sliding table, which can be adjusted and locked according to the width of the workpiece. The welding torch is equipped with a three-dimensional fine-tuning mechanism and angle adjustment, which is convenient for the welding torch to align the welding seam.

4.4 Workpiece clamping and turning mechanism

Flip mechanism: The flip mechanism is supported by two brackets, connected to its rotating shaft by a fixed bent plate beam, driven by a cylinder, and driven by a rack and pinion to achieve flipping. The other end is equipped with a pneumatic flipping correction mechanism to ensure the accuracy of the 180° flip degree.

The workpiece is installed on the turning platform with clamping fixture at the center of rotation. The center is provided with a positioning pin for positioning. The other side is provided with a pin positioning and pushing cylinder. Through the 180° rotation of the turning platform, the straight welding of the four welds of the workpiece is realized.

4.5 Electrical System  

The host adopts the Japanese OMRON CP-1H 40CDT PLC machine, the transverse travel of the welding torch adopts TECO servo motor 0.75KW variable current servo speed regulation, the welding position adopts non-contact open and closed loop detection, and the welding torch travels transversely during the welding process by CNC to complete the setting Track welding. Parameter modification such as: type number, welding length, welding speed, residence time, etc. can be input through the touch man-machine interface, and can be stored and recalled for easy use. The button adopts imported FUJI button.

  • Adopts Taiwan made 7″ touch screen as the input/output interface. The weld length and other parameters can be input via this interface. It can alarm when a failure happens during the welding process and give indication.

4.6 Welding power source

Adopts Finland Kemppi digital welding power source, rated current is 300A.Efficient synergic MIG machine equipped with pulse and double pulse features for welding aluminum and other materials.2set power source will go with your machine.

  1. Working Procedures

Manual feeding→positioning and clamping of the workpiece→the head quickly walks to the starting point of the welding seam, and quickly drops→sends shielding gas→start arc→the welding torch walks left and right separately→reaches the set length→stops the arc→stops the protective gas→the head moves quickly Return to the starting point of the welding seam and raise it quickly at the same time→pneumatically flip→when in place, the welding torch quickly falls→sends shielding gas→start arc→the welding torch walks left and right→reaches the set length→retracts the arc→stops the shielding gas→the welding torch quickly lifts and moves quickly to the origin Position → Manual unloading, welding is over.   

  • Single torch radiator automatic welding machine

Please check radiator automatic welding machine video: