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Automatically CNC welding the flat circle seam or fillet seam or intersecting line seam or other fittings of pipe .Welding process will be continual and steady. Welding seam appearance is good and smooth, the depth of fusion and width of fusion meet the welding requirement, leakage rate is less than 1%。

5 axis CNC automatic welding machine for hydraulic cylinder valve seat.


1.The automatic arc seam welders are equipped with the function of high voltage, slow wire feeding and arc ignition to ensure reliable arc ignition, as well as low voltage and low current arc closing and arc crater filling functions.these automatic welder is used to produce high quality welded seams with 100 percent penetration. The seams that are welded in standard machines are usually straight and flat.

2.Adopt 5 axis CNC system with PLC, control 5-dimensions action: rotation, welding torch up-down, forward and backward, left&right and turning angle. Walking out of the welding path, to achieve the normal welding of seam when the arc is burning continuously.


5 Axis CNC welding machine is program as the seam type ,you can see the program video as below :

3.CNC welding machine use OMRON PLC and CNC system as control core to control the implementation of the welding program. The system has a good stability and simple structure, which is easy to maintain.

4.The welding type and welding specification can be preset, stored and recalled via the PLC. It is convenient to change parameters and state conversion through the torch screen interface.

5.The CNC system controls the AC servo motor to realize the 5-axis linkage of the welding process. Rails are fully enclosed. It has five dimensions, respectively control the rotation of rotary axis, welding torch up and down, forward and backward, left&right and angled turn movement. It is composed of CNC control system, high-power AC servo motor and motor driver.


5 Axis CNC seam welder weld hydraulic cylinder eye

6.One end of the pipe is clamped and rotated by a three-jaw chuck.Before welding ,adjust the welding head position and the inclination angle of welding torch and fix well.during the welding , the welding torch is fixed, the workpiece is rotating, and the welding position is horizontal.

7.The 5 Axis CNC seam welder have a clean grounding system that will not resist the flow of electric current. The grounding electrode shall be prevented from connecting with threads to avoid the arc burn or others. Any grounding electrode shall be connected the external pipe surface.

Working Procedures

8.1.Loading the pipe on the support brackets ,and clamp by head stock chuck manually

8.2 Welding torch going down automatically and Pre-supplied shielding gas

8.3. Completing the welding seam as the program automatically
8.4.After welding ,the welding torch lifting up and go back to the original point automatically

8.5. taper return back pneumatically

8.5. Release pipe chuck and unload the pipe manually

8.7 then start from the No.1 step

The special production machine consists of an electric numerical control head stock,one set chuck with clamp and a conductive mechanism,one set tail stock ,one set welding head with welding torch, electric control system,welding power source with wire feeding, pneumatic system.

Welding power source can use Miller or lincoln or fronius or Kemppi or Japan OTC or China Aotai brand or other brand as customer need)


5 axis CNC automatic welding machine weld roller:



5 axis CNC autoamtic arc welder weld intersecting line between pipe to pipe :