5-axis CNC Pipe Profile Plasma Cutting Machine

Equipment features:
The machine is applicable to round, square, irregular and intersection line cuttings on various kinds of steel pipes. It can be equipped with plasma or flame cutting torch.
Workpiece rotates while cutting torch moving left and right, up and down and angle changing forward and backward, left and right.
Adopts 5-axis CNC system and high power servo motor to control the cutting torch to move left and right, up and down, angle changing by forward and backward, left and right and workpiece to rotate.
Main parameters:
Workpiece length: <6000mm
Workpiece diameter: <400mm
Workpiece wall thickness: <20mm
Plasma cutting speed: 100-3000mm/min
Torch idle speed: <10000mm/min
Cutting torch fwd and bwd, left and right deflection angle: +/-45°
Cutting accuracy: length:+/-1.5mm, angle:+/-1.5°

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