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The special machine is mainly used for circumferential seam welding of the tank head or the inlet and outlet on the tank body.

Perform the automatic welding for the nuts on the vessel body. Require pneumatically loading the workpiece, welding process stable and continuous, welding appearance uniform and beautiful, weld penetration and weld width meet the requirements, convenient to clamp. Ensure no leak from the welding seam

1 .Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, left and right or by angle. Workpiece is fixed while welding torch rotating.

2. The center of the workpiece is positioned by jig, making sure the welding, and no need to spot weld in advance.

3 .The welding machine has high-voltage, slow wire feeding arc striking function, which guarantees reliable arc striking; as well as low-voltage and small- current arc ending for filling arc crater.

4. Using short-range push-wire feeding mode.

5. Adopts PLC to control the whole machine to run and NC system to control the machine head to rotate. The motor is driven by imported AC servo drive.

6. The rotating machine head is motor-driven up and down, going down when welding and lifting up when loading and unloading the workpiece. 

7 .Pneumatically loading and unloading the workpiece.

【Main parameters】

Work table rotating speed1-10 rpm, stepless regulation
Motor power0.37KW
Torch up-down adjust stroke0-300mm
Torch left-right adjust stroke0-100mm
Torch front-back adjust stroke0-100mm
Torch angle adjust30°-50°
Torch pneumatic feeding stroke200mm
Tank length500-1000mm
Tank diameter300-900mm
Nozzle diameter< 1/2 tank diameter
Machine working voltage

380v 3phase 50Hz

220v 1phase 50Hz

【Equipment composition】

The main machine consists of the upper, middle and lower sections.

The upper section is equipped with the rotary wire feeder.

The middle section is the heart of the main machine. Rotating machine head pneumatic feeding device, welding torch rotating device, conductive device, workpiece clamping and rotating device, welding torch and its adjusting device and the protective device are all arranged here.

The lower section is install with positioning fixture and pneumatic workpiece loading and unloading device.

1. Machine body

Machine body is made up of the base, column and etc. The positioning fixture and column are installed on the base. The base is assembled and welded from the square tubes and steel plates, with the upper face machined as a whole to be used as the datum installed face. The rotating machine head of the welding torch is installed on the column.

2. The Welding Torch Rotating Device

The device is made up of AC motor, planetary reducer and welding gun clamping device. The rotating machine head is equipped with rotary gas distribution ring and rotary power distribution ring, which will guide the protective gas and the power to the welding torch. The torch can rotate continuously without tangling of air pipes.

3 .Welding Torch Clamping and Adjusting Device

The welding torch adopts short-distance wire-feeding mode to ensure wire feeding stability. The torch can be micro adjusted up and down, left and right and by angle. The micro adjusting device adopts the dovetail type via a screw rod with accurate adjusting and high-precision positioning performance, and it can be fastened after adjusted.

4. Rotating Machine Head Pneumatic Feeding Device

It is pneumatically driven up and down, guided by the linear guide rail and sliding block with high positioning accuracy.

5 .Electrical System

The host machine adopts Japan made OMRON CP-1H40CDT PLC as the core to control the welding programs. The system has a good stability and simple structure which is easy to maintain.

The welding torch rotating device is driven by imported AC frequency variable driver, low failure rate, suitable for long-term use.

Adopts Taiwan made 7″ touch screen as the input and output interface. The welding length, arc striking and ending time, welding voltage, welding current and welding speed all can be inputted via this interface.

The weld length is detected by the rotary encoder close-loop system, position detection as: the gun position is detected by imported contact-less switch.

The initial welding position is detected automatically, and automatically return back when welding finished.

Integrated-type control panel box. The control button, touch screen and welding parameters controller are all integrated on one panel which is easy to operate. It has manual and automatic functions for each operation.

6. Fixture

It is used for clamping the workpiece. Locating the fixture and putting workpiece into it, then the rotating machine head falling down, pressed tightly by the chuck, ensures the welding accuracy, no need to spot weld.