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Fuel Tank Corner Nozzle Robot Welding System
Reference picture of geometry seam
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Quote as the material (aluminum or carbon steel or stainless steel ) ,size range ,welding method or fuel tank picture or drawing ,then we can quote you the suitable machine for all size your fuel tank


1.Welding method :TIG or MIG as need


2.Robot brand: OTC ,KUKA ,YASKAWA,ABB or FANUC or other brand as your requirement

Robot welding system features

1.Robot automatic weld geometry seam between the tank corner nozzle and the square fuel tank body.outlet welding position and size as customers’drawing


2.The width of the welding seam is uniform, the overlap amount of the circumferential welding seam is adjustable, and the welding seam is beautiful.


3.Welding defects such as pores, incomplete penetration, pits, burn-through, slag inclusion, undercut, etc. are not allowed within the full length of the weld, and the welding spatter is small.


4.The welding process is stable and continuous, uniform and beautiful, and the penetration depth and penetration width meet the technological requirements, and the clamping is convenient.


5.Composed of one set robot and two set welding workbenches which are installed on the left and right of the robot.


6.The workpiece is clamped and positioned by the fixture to ensure that the welding seam position does not shift.


7 .The left and right workbenches are separately loaded and unloaded tank ,and welded to improve the efficiency of the robot.


8.High-speed signal transmission can greatly improve welding quality and production efficiency.


9.Push-draw wire welding torch is used to ensure that the welding system can work continuously and stably under large working specifications.


10.The welding fixture of the flexible workstation can quickly replace the fixture and repeat positioning accuracy.


11.The workpiece is positioned and clamped by the positioning tool to ensure that the welding seam position does not shift.


  1. 12. The positioning of the toolingrequires the customer to provide a drawing of the position of thetank outlet in the fuel tank to be determined. According to the position of the tank outlet in the fuel tank, determine the location of the robot installation, and can weld the tank outlet in different positions.
Working Procedures

1.Loading the workpiece to the support brackets manually


2.Clamping the workpiece automatically


3.Welding torch going down automatically


4.Supplying shielding gas automatically


5.Completing the welding seam as the program automatically


6.Welding torch lifting up and go back to the original point automatically


6.Welding torch lifting up and go back to the original point automatically



Estimation of welding cycle

1.Welding speed: 400.0mm/min


2.Welding robot welding time: 60S


3.Welding arc starting and ending times and time: 1 time, 1S/arc starting 1S/arc, 3 welding points arc starting and arc ending time is 3*2=6S


4.Auxiliary time: time for loading and unloading workpieces (due to double-station welding, this time is not counted as welding tact time) + robot idle travel time (2.0S)


5.Completing product welding time: (welding robot welding time: 60S + welding starting and ending arc time: 6S + auxiliary time: 2S) = 68S


6.it can be quickly replaced within 10 minutes when it needs to be replaced


7.Requirements for the workpiece


8.The overall consistency of the workpiece is required to be good and meet the requirements of the product drawing. The shape and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece should meet the drawing requirements, and the basic form and dimensional accuracy should be controlled within ±0.5mm.


9.The surface of the product is clean and cannot be caused by defects such as oil stains and rust.



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