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Roller Bracket Circumferential Seam Welder

Machine function and Features

1.Automaticallymount the bearing and seal to be pressed on conveyor roller  

2.Hydraulic cylinders as the drive power for head stock and tail stock to push the fittings on roller

3.Tail stock can adjust along on the guide rail according to conveyor roller length.

4 The system has good stability, simple structure ,easy to operate and easy maintenance.

5.Conveyor roller is finished forming by one time.


9.1 Loading the conveyor roller to the support bracket manually and adjust to meet the positioning brackets

9.2 Positioning brackets go down automatically

9.3.the tail stock and head stock with tooling push tight the conveyor roller two end automatically

9.4 the tail stock and head stock backward automatically

9.5 Positioning brackets rise up automatically

9.6.Unloading the conveyor roller manually

9.7. Then start from the No.1 step

Technique Parameters
No. Item Specification
1 Size range of conveyor roller Diameter range 50-127 mm. Length is up to 2000 mm
2 Hydraulic station 3kw
3 Compression axis stroke 200mm
4 Machine working voltage 380v 3phase 50hz


No.Name and ModelQuantity
1Automatic welding machine body1 set
2Head stock and tail stock1 set
3Operation box1 set
4Hydraulic station1 set
5Pneumatic system1 set
6Workpiece support brackets2 set
7Positioning brackets2 set
8Guide rail1 set
9Cable and connector1 set

3.Machine Structure     

Machine is composed of main frame, head stock and tails stock mechanism, supporting mechanism,  hydraulic control system, pneumatic system

4.Machine Body

Machine base is welded with square tubes and steel plates. Machine Base is installed guide rail after plane processing

  1. 5. Head stock

5.1 Head stock is fixed on the left side of machine base.

5.2 Forward or backward of the tooling is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder

6.Tail Stock

6.1 The tail-stock is adjustable to meet different length workpiece,

6.2 The Tail-stock is adjusted along on the guide rail to move left and right by hand wheel , to tight different length conveyor roller . it can be will be locked by the screw nut after adjusting according to the conveyor roller length.

6.3 Forward or backward of the tooling is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder

  1. 7. The Supporting brackets

There are two sets Supporting brackets installed on the guide rails ,the support bracket is equipped with universal ball ensures that it is flexible and convenient to load and unload conveyor roller .The supporter will move along round rails according to conveyor roller length. Thus increases productive capacity and reduces workers’ labor intensity.

8.Positioning bracket

There are two sets positioning brackets installed on guide rail of the machine base,the function is to position the conveyor on the right position to controlled by pneumatic cylinder .rise up when load on the conveyor roller ,go down after clamp by two set tooling of the head stock and tail stock.

  1. Control System

9.1 Use PLC to control the whole system ,control button to control the assembly process

9.2 Hydraulic station :consist of the solenoid valve, oil cylinder, motor, oil pump and pipeline are used to control the up and down movement of the compression head. .provide the power for the tooling forward and bark ward to press and release the conveyor roller

9.3 the Solenoid valve and pneumatic cylinder control the positioning brackets up and down .