Robot Welding Machine for Drum

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Robot Welding Machine for Drum

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I. Workpiece Information:
  1. Material: steel, stainless steel.
  2. Welding application: fillet weld, seam weld. Need spot welding advance.
  3. There are not defects such as burr, rust,oil which will affect the welding quality.
  4. Welding process: workpiece needs to be assembled and joined by spot welding first.Workers move workpiece to positioner. Robot will weld workpiece automatically.
II. Key Tech Parameters:
  1. With real-time robotic seam tracking sensor (arc tracking system) and wire detection (torch sensor)
  2. With torch swing function
  3. OTC original positioner (only use original servo motor and reducer),integrated with robot arm, coordinated control 
  4. Single solder wire MIG welding
  5. Wire diameter:φ1.2mm 
  6. Speed:3-10mm/s 
  7. Welding current: 500A
  8. Shielding gas:CO2
  9. Positioner capacity:10 ton
III. Welding seam Quality Requirements
  1. Meet the national standards of welding quality grade II
  2. Melting thickness and width reach working requirement. With uniform and smooth welding appearance.
  3. There are not welding defects such as air hole, incomplete-penetration weld, pit, penetration weld,slag inclusion and so on. With small spatter.
  4. Welding qualification rate: 100%.



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