Radiator Automatic Welding Machine

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Radiator Automatic Welding Machine

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Radiator Automatic Welding Machine

I. Application             
1.To complete the automatic welding of longitudinal seam of radiator. The welding torch needs to move along seam path.
2.The welding seam is beautifully formed and uniform. It can guarantee the stability of the welding specification. Machine operation is flexible, simple and reliable.
3.MIG welding with wire feeder. 
II. Technique Parameters   

Welding torch walking speed

0.2-2m/min, stepless adjustment

Welding torch walking distance

50inch and 24inch

Welding torch up-down walking distance


Welding torch up-down adjustment


Welding torch forward-backward adjustment


Welding voltage


Welding current


Welding power source


Machine working voltage

380v 220v 420v

III. Basic Structure
1.Workpiece is fixed. Welding position is horizontal. Automatic welding method will make sure that welding seam is beautifully formed and good welding quality.    
2.Workpiece is positioned by fixture, and turns 180°manually to weld seam in another side.
3.Japan OMRON PLC to control the whole machine operation. All these parameters can be stored and recalled, it is convenient to use.
IV. Equipment Composition      
Machine is composed of body, welding head, head walking longitudinally mechanism, workpiece positioning mechanism, manually turning over mechanism and welding power source. 
V. Work Process
manual loading →positioning and clamping workpiece →machine head moves  to the beginning point and falls down rapidly→supply shielding gas →arc igniting→welding torch moves left and right respectively →reach to the set length →arc ending→stop shielding gas→the head returns to the beginning point and lifts rapidly→manually turn over→place workpiece, torch falls down quickly→supply shielding gas→arc igniting→welding torch moves left and right respectively→reach to the set length→arc ending→stop shielding gas→the torch rapidly raises and moves to the origin position quickly→manual unloading, welding finished.


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