Hydraulic Cylinder Automatic Welding Machine

I. Welding Requirement
1. Specification requirements are as follows:
welding single-end of flange or cylinder bottom
hydraulic cylinder length: max 2500mm
hydraulic cylinder diameter: Ф40-Ф160 mm
2. Mainly used in welding hydraulic cylinder circular seam automatically.
To guarantee the welding specification is even and uniform, welding seam has good and uniform appearance. It is convenient and reliable to use and the welding quality meets to the requirement.
II. Main Feature
1. Welding torch is fixed while workpiece is rotating, welding position is horizontal.
2. Adopt welded machine body, welding torch and pneumatic tail-stock can be adjusted longitudinally, it can be locked after adjustment.
3. Workpiece is positioned by special fixture and pressed by pneumatic thimble. Rotating synchronously. Loading and unloading bracket are mounted under the workpiece.
4. PLC controls the whole machine operation. Workpiece rotation speed is adjusted by inverter, stepless adjustment, to improve the reliability.
5. Japan OTC welding power source which has good performance of arc igniting, arc stabilizing and arc ending, to ensure that the welding seam is even and uniform.
6. The welding mode and welding specification can be preset, saved and recalled. Via touch man-machine interface, it is convenient to modify the parameter and switch the status through the man-machine touch screen. Welding length, arc igniting &ending time, welding current, welding voltage, welding speed, oscillating frequency, oscillating scope, oscillating time, torch lifting time, lifting distance, lifting times can be all input through the interface.
7. Welding current and welding voltage are controlled by D/A (digital analog). They can be preset and recalled in layer. To realize multi layer continuous welding when the arc does not stop.
8. With good appearance and good quality, depth and width of fusion meet the requirement.
9. Machine has good operating performance and low failure rate.
10. Welding oscillating mechanism is used to weld wide and multi layer seams of hydraulic cylinder.

III. Equipment Composition
It consists of machine body, rotary axis power mechanism, welding torch oscillating&adjustment mechanism, electric control system, welding power source, etc.


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