LPG Cylinder Body Automatic Welding Machine

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LPG Cylinder Body Automatic Welding Machine

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LPG Cylinder Body Automatic Welding Machine




I. Application             
  1. Weld single circular seam on gas cylinder body. Melting thickness and width reach working requirement. With uniform and smooth welding appearance.
  2. Load and unload cylinder conveniently. 
  3. Submerged Arc Welding type.
  4. Machine can work continuously for 24-hour.
II. Technique Parameters   

Cylinder diameter


Cylinder length


Rotation speed


Motor power


Air pressure


Welding torch moving range in left-right direction


Welding torch lifting range


Diameter of solid wire


Welding power source

600A, 1000A 

III. Machine Structure      
  1. Welding torch can be adjusted up and down, side to side and angled turn. While machine is working,cylinder will rotate. 
  2. Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen are used to control the whole machine. With the help of touch man-machine interface, welding mode and specification can be preset,stored and retrieved. 
  3. Push-type wire feeder works stably. Machine is with high welding voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which guarantees reliable arc igniting. Machine is also with low welding voltage and low welding current for filling crater.   
  4. Cylinder is fixed by the rotary chuck, and supported by bracket of rolling wheels. 
  5. Sliding door is made of the steel plate, with strong intensity. There is a inspection window on the door. Welding process can be observed in the mirror.   
  6. Submerged welding power source  600A or 1000A.
  7. Flux recovery and transport system


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