Hydraulics Port Automatic Welding Machine

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Hydraulics Port Automatic Welding Machine

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2axis Automatic Hydraulics Port Welding Machine
I. Design Mission
  1. It should meet the requirement of automatically welding various ports/nozzles of hydraulic cylinder circular seam. 
  2. MIG welding
  3. Make sure the welding specification is uniform and even, welding seam has good appearance. Easy and reliable to operate. Quality can meet welding requirement.  
II. Technique Parameters  

Port diameter

3/8”- 2”

Port height


Tube length


Welding torch speed

0.5-5 RPM

Servo motor power


Welding torch adjusting range


Ar shielding gas consumption

15 L/min

Welding power source

Japan OTC CPVE-400

Machine working voltage

380v 220v 420v

III.Welding Specification and Basic Conception 
  1. Welding torch tilts to a certain angle, can be adjusted up-down, side to side and angled turn. Workpiece is fixed while the welding torch is rotating.
  2. Fixture is used to form workpiece center, to obtain welding seam position, which does not deviate while placing nozzle to cylinder. Do not need spot welding in advance.
  3. Machine has high voltage and slow wire feeding performance, which ensures reliable arc igniting. It also has low welding voltage and low current for filling crater.
  4. It adopts shot-distance wire feeding mode. 
  5. Using Japan Panasonic PLC to control the whole operation. CNC system is used to control rotation of machine head. Servo motor is driven by AC servo driver.
  6. The rotatory head is moved up and down by servo motor, rotary head falls while machine is welding, and lifts while loading and unloading.
IV.Equipment Composition
  1. Machine is composed of upper, middle, and lower parts.
  2. Rotary wire feeding mechanism is installed in upper part.
  3. Middle part is the core component. Rotary head motor-driven feeding mechanism, welding torch rotation mechanism, conductive mechanism, workpiece clamping mechanism, workpiece rotation mechanism, welding torch &torch adjustment mechanism and safety device are all installed in the middle parts.
  4. The lower part has switch mechanism of workpiece welding station and preparation station.


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