Overlay Welding Machine for Hydraulic Cylinder Inner Hole

Main Features:
Welding torch enters into the cylinder barrel and moves longitudinally along the barrel driven by high power servo motor. The cylinder rotates, welding position is horizontal.
The cylinder clamped by chuck to rotate and supported by bracket underneath.
PLC controls the whole machine operating. The welding rotating speed, welding torch traveling and welding voltage can be adjusted via the touch human-machine interface.
Welding parameters can be preset and memorized.
Main parameters:  
Spindle rotating speed: 0.2-2rpm stepless adjustable
Welding current: 60-500A, 60% duty ratio
Welding voltage: 16-40V
Welding torch adjusting amount:  
                          lifting: 50mm
                          left and right: 50mm
                          tilting angle: 25°~  60°
Rear torch NC feed amount: 1300mm
Workpiece dimension: length: <2600mm
                     diameter(inner hole) : Ø180mm-Ø400mm 

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