Automatic Bracket Welding Machine

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Automatic Bracket Welding Machine

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Automatic Bracket Welding Machine

I.Technical Requirement
  1. Automatically welding circular seam in middle and both ends.
  2. The coaxiality is ensured. Welding seam is uniform and beautiful.
  3. Double welding heads with two welding torches
  4. MAG welding (CO2 and Argon shielding gas).
  5. The depth of fusion and width of fusion meet the requirements. It is convenient to clamp workpiece. Machine can work continuously for 24-hour.
II.Main Feature
  1. Welding torch is fixed, while the workpiece is rotating. 
  2. Two welding torches can work simultaneously to improve work efficiency, also can work separately. 
  3. Workpiece is clamped tightly by fixture and synchronously rotate. The universal ball supporter bracket is beneath the workpiece.
  4. Welding torch, rotary axis box and hydraulic tail-stock can be adjusted longitudinally, to meet various welding.
  5. Japan OMRON PLC is adopted to control the machine to run. 
  6. The welding torch is with oscillator.
III.Equipment Composition
Machine is composed of machine body, rotary axis power mechanism, welding power source, electric deceleration power head,fixture and conductive mechanism, welding torch clamping, adjustment and oscillating mechanism, adjustable workpiece supporting bracket, electrical control system and pneumatic system.
IV.Technique Parameters   
  1. Rotary axis rotation speed: 0.1-2RPM, stepless adjustment
  2. Welding torch manual adjustment: 50mm
  3. Torch tilting angle: right&left: 0°- 60°; forth&back: 0°- 20°
  4. Total power of machine (exclude welding power source): 7KW
  5. Welding torch oscillating scope adjustment: 0~40mm
  6. Welding torch oscillating frequency range: 0-30 times/min 
  7. Applicable workpiece length: 200mm-750mm
  8. Applicable workpiece diameter: 650mm
  9. Welding diameter: 180mm-430mm 
  10. The coaxiality of chuck and centre: 0.15mm
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