Welding Process And Advantages Of Automatic Welding Machine

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Welding Process And Advantages Of Automatic Welding Machine

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The advantages of the automatic welding machine mainly include the following 14 points.

1, the welding process: the use of gas shielded welding method, the workpiece rotation, torch welding multilayer welding.

2, the unique pause function, ready to weld. Stop at any time

3, welding position requirements: horizontal position clamping, operation.

4. Special machine structure: The welding machine tool is made of carbon steel and it is solid and stable. Both sides of the equipment are equipped with active machine purchase and air pressure tailstock, fixed head, adjustable tailstock movement.

5. The active head: Automatic Welding Machine The workpiece is rotated by the frequency conversion motor + speed reducer + three-jaw clamping drive method, smooth movement, stepless speed regulation, the entire tailstock adopts guide rail guidance (adapt to different length cylinders).

6. Tailstock: Top pressure part adopts air pressure top.

7. Welding gun moving mechanism: Adopt air pressure to control the lifting and lowering of the welding torch. The motor swing welding torch has an automatic lift distance between layers. The size of the left and right swing of the welding torch can be adjusted. It can be set according to the needs of production.

8. Bracket mechanism: When the diameter of the workpiece is not the same by adjusting the opening of the roller frame, Automatic Welding Machine the center is still consistent with the rotation center.

9. Protective door and box: The movable sliding door is installed at the front and is equipped with welding protective glass for observing the welding situation. It protects the human body from damage caused by arc radiation and welding splash. It is integrated with the door and the device has a beautiful appearance.

10, air pressure control system: top telescopic, system design in line with national standards.

11. Electric control system: PLC (programmable controller) is used as the main control unit. The output point is protected by intermediate relays. The Chinese display touch screen is used as the parameter adjustment dialogue interface. The touch screen can set the welding voltage and current of each layer, Automatic Welding Machine and can set the welding speed and swing speed of each layer. It has the torch automatic lifting function, manual and automatic functions.

12. The adjustment of the full digital welding specification can be realized on the console, and the settings can be implemented. Automatic Welding Machine The welding speed can be adjusted steplessly, the numerical display, and the preset number of welding cycles.

13. Separately set up electrical control cabinets and operation boxes, and use standard cable tank chains to take cables and air ducts.

14. Protection device: An abnormal condition occurs in the equipment and the equipment will automatically stop and remain in a state of rest.

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