Automatic TIG Hot Wire Welding Machine

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Automatic TIG Hot Wire Welding Machine

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Automatic TIG Hot Wire Welding Machine
Tungsten argon arc welding was called TIG or GTAW. Previously, Hot wire TIG welding power source were separately divided into TIG welding power source and wire heating power source. Automatic welding machine needed 2 sets welding power source. At present, our TIG welding machine can be with only 1 set welding power source.
Automatic welding machine will use inert shielding gas, its arc is stable, the welding seam also has smooth welding surface. TIG welding is a preferred approach in high-end industrial and precision parts.
Automatic TIG hot wire welding machine is a more efficient welding method. Before sending to welding pool, welding wire will be heated to the melting temperature of feeding. It greatly speeded up melting speed of feeding wire, improved melting efficiency, meanwhile adjusted  heat input of molten pool, reduced base metal’s dilution rate, expanded welding method’s adaptability and application range.
The heat efficiency and wire melting speed of TIG hot wire welding are very high, generally three times TIG welding. In the same welding heat input, TIG hot wire welding can improve deposition efficiency of welding seam, even more than MIG welding.
Machine Tool exhibition in Jinan convention and exhibition center from 26th to 18th Feb 2019.
22th Jinan International Machine Tool Exhibition Welding Machine
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Automatic TIG Hot Wire Welding Machine
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